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Dec 2, 2012 06:30 AM

The Blue Stone, Waterbury, VT

Had lunch at the new pizzeria in Waterbury, The Blue Stone (!the-m...). It was incredibly good. I ordered a calzone with duck sausage. Two coworkers had The Blue Stone pizza, one had the caprese sandwich. We shared an order of garlic knots. Everyone liked their selections.

The crust there is amazing. The calzone came out crisp and was stuffed with mozzarella and ricotta (as it should be). The duck sausage was wonderfully smoky and didn't taste much like duck, but it had a good flavor. I probably wouldn't put it in a calzone again, though.

The garlic knots were sorta like rolls made from pizza dough and baked in the oven (brick oven), and each one had a whole clove of roasted garlic inside. They were delicious! An order came with five knots.

They make their own sauce as well as their dough, and it isn't a sweet sauce. They clearly roast at least some of the tomatoes before putting them in and it had a lovely rich flavor. I could have used more to go with my calzone, though. The amount they give wasn't really enough for how big the calzone was.

The Blue Stone pizzas had chicken, chevre, spinach, and red onion and my coworkers declared them delicious. The caprese sandwich was light, fresh, and yummy, according to my other coworker. A friend stopped in for a mushroom pizza on my recommendation and loved it.

My only down on this is that it's on the expensive side for lunch, though reasonable for dinner, I think. My calzone was $10.50 and my part of the garlic knots was $1.50 (they were $6), so with that plus tax and tip, I spent $16 on my lunch. That's WAY more than I usually spend, and sorta blows my lunch out budget for a couple of months.

The personal size specialty pizzas are $11 and are around ten inches. They have different prices for individual ingredients, but you can get a personal size pizza for less than that if you just get one ingredient, but that shows the specialty ones are a better value.

We didn't see any signs or notices up that indicated that they sold by the slice, but we heard someone ask and get told that they do. I don't know how much they are. They have a bar, as well. So you can sit at the bar and have a slice.

This is a brilliant addition to the Waterbury food scene and my husband and I will be making a special trip up at some point so he can try it and see how he feels about it (he's from Long Island and has specific pizza preferences). If you can, eat in the restaurant. The crust is most assuredly best fresh out of the oven.

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  1. Thanks for this report Morganna. We have finally relocated to the area after years of waiting, and coming from NY, I too am eager to try the pizza.

    Now to find a replacement for Stebu! I was so upset to hear they closed. :(

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      Yeah, I don't know any place whose sushi is as good as Stebu's was. Asian Gourmet in Barre has some interesting rolls that are tasty, but not as good as Stebu. Though I've discovered a love for.. is it tobiko? Totally awesome and it's on one of their rolls that I like a lot. :) Mad Taco will be opening and selling out of Blackback Pub where Stebu was.

      There's another place in Williston that looks like a total hole in the wall that's good, too. That's in the plaza at Taft Corners, sorta behind the 99 restaurant.

      Still, that's a drive from Waterbury, as well. :)

      1. re: Morganna

        We heard about Mad Taco - I'm sure it will do well, but doesn't help the sushi craving! lol...might need to head to Burlington or Williston, though such a shame he is no longer making sushi. I hope he opens up somewhere again soon!

        Thanks for the recommendations!

    2. I'm so jealous of all of your great restaurant choices in the Waterbury area. I live in SW VT and the only place I love is Downtown Grocery in Ludlow...a 30 minute drive.