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Dec 1, 2012 09:44 PM

Singapore - Dinner at Ola Cocina del Mar, Marina Bay Financial Centre

Ola Cocina Del Mar is helmed by ex-Santi Singapore chefs: Daniel Chavez and Pepe Moncayo.

What we had:

- A couple of amuse geule to start: a smooth, blended creamy gazpacho with cherry tomato halves was tasty, whilst the wafer-thin dry Catalonian salami on toasted bread was somewhat rustic.

- bster in a clear rice broth. Tasty, simple, like something I’m rustle up at home on a cold winter’s day (if Singapore has any winter, that is).

- Seafood paella – cooked in an individual paella pan. Very nice.

- A large chuletón (rib steak) done medium rare, and enough to serve 3 persons Very nicely prepared. Not something I’d specifically some back for though.

We were told that the suckling pig’s out-of-stock. Too bad – we’re the second table to come in on Sat evening, so I guess they’re not doing it for this weekend. I’d be curious to try that as the Spaniards normally do pork pretty well, but next time, maybe.

Desserts were interesting:
- Rice pudding (liked the raisins and cake crumbs, which provided additional textures to the dessert)
- Crema Catalana (I normally liked French crème brulee but never developed a liking for its Catalonian counterpart no matter how many times I’d had that)
- Pear poached in red wine with cinnamon cake & honey ice-cream (well done – quite light)

Overall, I thought the food here was tastier than the old Santi restaurant’s, despite being much easier on the wallet. Not a particularly memorable meal, and I’m still wondering how the dinner might have been if they’d had the suckling pig.

Address details
Ola Cocina Del Mar
Marina Bay Financial Centre (Tower 3)
#01-06, 12 Marina Boulevard
Singapore 018982
Tel: +65 6604 7050

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  1. The roast pig trotter is their speciality, slow-cooked sous vide then roasted over high heat when you order. It's good. Daniel's Peruvian while Pepe is from Barcelona, and their cooking style is a good combination of traditionalism and modernistic approach.

    1. And for one of Singapore's best-known Italian chef like Osvaldo Forlino to support 2 talented ex-Santi Spanish chefs.