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Dec 1, 2012 07:42 PM

Regarding the Le Bernardin Tasting Menus

I was wondering if a friend and I went to Le Bernardin, can he/she order the Chef's Tasting ($194) and I order the LB Tasting ($147)?

The "tasting menus are per table only" got me a bit confused.

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  1. My interpretation of the statement is that both of you must have the same tasting menu. Why would one of you want more courses than the other? It's a challenge for your servers to pace the service and a challenge for the diner having fewer courses.

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      That's how I interpret it too. I would doubt you leave hungry with the LB tasting - is that the 4-course one? I had that last December and was stuffed when I left.

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        I had a similar question (though i didnt post it) and remember looking through blog posts and other reports where it seemed that the only cases they did "imbalanced" tastings invloved adding an a la carte item to the shorter tasting menu to make everythign the same number of courses.

      2. It's same tasting menu for the table . . . barring any allergies to, say, mussels (for instance),and then they substitute something.

        1. You do realize you could just as easily call the restaurant with the question, yes?

          Last winter my dining partner and I each ordered a different tasting menu, and the same type of verbiage was printed below each. I just confirmed for you this option via phone.

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            Oh, please .... Take the easy way out? What ARE you thinking?