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Dec 1, 2012 07:31 PM

Need a recommendation for lazy lunch in the town on Sunday

We live in Fremont, but visit the city every afternoon for Open House as we are looking to buy a condo. We have a peculiar situation this time - a Open House in Cow Hollow area in the morning and then the next one on Telegraph Hill at 2PM. We will have nearly 3 hrs in between to kill. Appreciate a recommendation for a place where we can sit, have lunch and preferably access internet. Internet is not mandatory.

Wondering if we should hang around Chestnut St. If it was the fall, we would have headed out to the picnic at Presidio.

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  1. Gamine on Union Street. Don't know about the internet access.

    1. s'posed to be rainy, trying to think of some place cozy to stay dry along upper Grant. or Columbus but not on the square. maybe Caffe Macaroni or Rose Pistola or heck, hunker down for a few belts at The Saloon or the Savoy Tivoli, so what if you smell a little boozy, the realtor is trying to sell you something, not vice versa or like it's a job interview or something.

      given the rain I wouldn't consider anything at the foot of the East slope of Telegraph, water and wooden stairs are not conducive to balance and footing.

      1. la boulange on union

        1. Great suggestions! Thank you!!!

          I love the idea of a bit of a hot toddy, but in this strangely warm and wet day, even beer would be fine.

          And we have to navigate the wet Filbert steps to reach the open house. We might as well test the worst conditions if we want to live there.

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              oh god, I catered a cocktail party for a co-worker once on the Filbert steps. it was about 3 stories down from the parking and then (of course) on the roof of a 3-story walk-up. beautiful place, chatting with the host I learned all trash and recycling had to be hiked down to the dumpster on Sansome (another 6-ish stories). did I mention it was a beautiful setting?

              needless to say I much preferred working at another co-workers elevator condo on Russian Hill.

              1. re: hill food

                I can understand that very well now after climbing 135 steps to Napier Lane. The weather was wonderful in the afternoon today, but the thought of doing this at least once every day wiped out all the romantic ideas that we had about living on the east slope of Telegraph hill among the gardens, the parrots while enjoying the spectacular views of the bay.

            2. Had a long brunch/lunch watching football, sitting toasty next to a fire in Blackwood Asian fusion restaurant on Chestnut st in Marina. The strip steak and the stone pot were good.