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horseradish - what do you do with it?

So i had a small oyster shucking party and now after everything is said and done i have 2 jars of horseradish left over: 1 normal, and 1 creamy.
i would hate to waste these, but i'm looking for some ideas - can i mix it into things? i know that it's most commonly used with beef or on a roast, but i don't eat much (if any) red meat. i've also heard it can be good mixed in with ketchup for a shrimp cocktail.
other than those 2 ideas - what else can i do with it??? any advice would be great!

i have to admit that a small part of me wants to mix it with mac and cheese b/c it might be interesting, but the rest of me feels like it would be a catastrophe. :)

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  1. Do you like gefilte fish? They go together like ham and cheese! Along the idea of mixing it in with the mac n cheese, which is a great idea, mix it in with mashed potatoes. Add a little olive oil, and you're over the top! Tastes great.

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      Interesting how you reference the combo of ham and cheese in the same thought bubble as gefilte fish.

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          yeah really!

          but hey, some people don't observe the strict rules. (smirk)

      1. You can mix it in Bloody Marys.

        I also saw a recipe for hamburgers that used horseradish. Just mix a spoonful into the ground beef before you make the patties.

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            this is a great idea. i almost forgot about this option...but a person can only drink so much alcohol lol. thanks

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              cahalene - don't be silly and I vastly prefer the heat in a bloody to come from horseradish not tabasco.

              think about borscht, it is becoming winter after all. really almost any dish that welcomes sour cream will also be hospitable to horseradish as well.

              root vegetables and roasts. stuffed into a chicken cavity with lemon and fennel could be an interesting aromatic.

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                interesting rule of thumb. i'll keep this in mind! and the root veggies sounds like a great dish actually.

        1. My go-to potato salad recipe has horseradish...

          Creamy Horseradish Potato Salad

          from Gourmet, June 2007
          serves 6

          3 lbs. small (2-inch) boiling potatoes
          1/2 cup mayonnaise
          1/3 cup sour cream
          3 Tablespoons bottled white horseradish (not drained)
          1 Tablespoon white-wine vinegar
          1 teaspoon sugar
          3/4 teaspoon salt
          1/2 teaspoon black pepper
          1/3 cup chopped fresh chives

          Boil potatoes until just tender. Cool to room temperature and quarter.

          Whisk together mayonnaise, sour cream, horseradish, vinegar, sugar, salt, and pepper in a large bowl until smooth. Add chives and potatoes and stir to coat.

          1. I've folded it into mashed potatoes for an interesting kick - there's obviously the old stalwart, serving it with roast beef or tenderloin or meatloaf.

            1. Potato salad, egg salad, tuna salad, guacamole, hot dogs, cole slaw, etc. can all benefit from a bit of prepared horseradish sauce.

              Personally, I think it goes great with some rice, Chinese pork floss and a fried egg. Of course, it doesn't hurt in a PB&J sandwich, either.

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                does it matter which kind you use - normal or creamy? and would you just add to taste? im intrigued by the idea of tuna salad and HR

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                  It won't really matter, unless you have a strong preference with the texture of your tuna salad.

              2. I like creamy horseradish added to Turkey sandwiches and sometimes use it in veggie wraps in lieu of peppers to add heat.

                1. It's good in Bloody Caesars, in place of the Tabasco.

                  I also like to mix a little with some sour cream, then stir into butter braised carrots. The original recipe I was told about involved carrots, mayo and horseradish ( http://www.cooks.com/rec/view/0,1650,... ), but I prefer carrots, butter, sour cream and horseradish.

                  A little sour cream and horseradish is also good with beet borscht, and smoked trout.

                  Could also add a little to cauliflower cheese or other gratins.

                  I sometimes buy horseradish cheddar, which is quite good in mac & cheese. Would think a little horseradish would be nice in a home-made mac & cheese.

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                    ohhh so my mac and cheese idea wouldn't so off!!! these are great ideas. thanks.

                  2. I make a dill sauce for fish. Sour cream, prepared horseradish, chopped fresh dill (or dried), lemon juice, salt and pepper.

                    1. I like a dollop of regular horseradish on top of a slice of swiss or cheddar cheese. Cracker optional.

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                        would you do this with the creamy or normal hr?

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                          The normal stuff. I get some from an Amish bulk-food store near me that is quite potent, and I really like it. I often get some great swiss from them as well!

                      2. i love a bit of prepared horseradish in mashed potatoes.

                        1. It is a traditional addition to raclette. At our house, small boiled potatoes are mashed with a fork on your plate, gherkins are sliced and added on top of the mash, the whole is spread with either horseradish, and then a glorious slab of melted goodness-the raclette cheese-is layered on top!! Perfect on a cold day! Yummmm!

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                            1. Horseradish + mustard + mayo = tasty base for sandwich spread

                              1. Mix with some mayo for a sandwich spread, add to egg salad, potato salad, and mashed potatoes. It's also fabulous with roasted brussels sprouts.

                                1. I made a cheese-ball once with horseradish in it. It was so good, there was none left to take home.

                                  1. If you have roast beef and a weck, horseradish is the third and final part of that sandwich.

                                    1. I use it most in "Virgin Marys", "Bloody Mary's, & cocktail sauce for seafood.

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                                        Oh - forgot to add mixing it with mustard to accompany Kielbasa sausage & corned beef!

                                      2. We go through about 2 jars of horseradish a year between:
                                        -bloody (and virgin) mary's
                                        -devilled eggs
                                        -condiment with smoked trout

                                        1. I am gonna show my white trash side (proudly) and mention the old classic sour cream and horseradish dip on ruffled plain potato chips. Creamed horseradish to taste in a pint of sour cream and a pinch of salt. Nothing fancy. I like mine hot so I put a heaping household tbs in. It is also old school I guess because you don't see it anymore

                                          1. Grill sausages, any kind, and dip into the horseradish, yum. Also great on pot roast or leftover pot roast sandwiches

                                            1. If you've been eating sushi, it's more than likely the "wasabi" that you've been served has been dried american horseradish mixed with mustard, starch and green food coloring. So, why not try making your own?

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                                                Maybe b/c the issue at hand is *using up* the two jars she has already?

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                                                  Maybe I wasn't clear. Use the horseradish in place of “wasabi” as most “wasabi” served in America is actually regular horseradish.

                                              2. You could also make Chrin, which is a slavic beet+horseradish relish that goes very well with sausages, fatty cuts of meat and rich stews.

                                                1. One of my favorites for Thanksgiving is PBS "Mama Stamberg's Cranberry Sauce"

                                                  it calls for the addition of sour cream and horseradish.

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                                                  1. another recipe with horseradish-
                                                    a different take on potato pancakes (latkes) for Chanukah


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                                                    1. Hummus. Fabulous in it.

                                                      1. Opened this expecting it to be about horseradish root and how to prepare it LOL

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