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Dec 1, 2012 06:43 PM

How Long Will Thai Peppers Last in Fish Sauce

I foolishly bought a bunch of Thai peppers from the Thai supermarket because I hardly go to that side of town and I love them to death. But there is no way that I'm going to use them all. I know freezing peppers will make them turn soft, that the fridge will only keep them so long, and that I can dry them and crush them into an awesome powder. Or that I can soak them in vinegar or alcohol to preserve them as well. I'm looking to do some or most of these but one thing that I love the most to do with peppers is when you chop them up and place them in fish sauce. That stuff is too good and it's great for dipping and in soups. I was wondering how long do you think it would keep. Since it's in something salt base will it preserve them longer like vinegar? Even if not for as long. Does anybody know? Thank you.

Any other ideas on what to do with fresh Thai peppers would be awesome as well.

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  1. they will keep in fish sauce but will take on a different texture as the salt draws out moisture. you can also put the peppers through a food processor to make a sambal olek. It keeps forever in a glass jar in the fridge. Many recipes will call for salt and vinegar but even without it the chili paste keeps for a long time. A little natural fermentation may occur but I like that.

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        The amount of salt in fish sauce should preserve/pickle them. They may go through a natural pickling fermentation. This would further preserve them.

    1. I have same problem as you do with purchasing too many peppers. I think I have found a solution. I wash them, remove as much green stems, etc. as I can without cutting into the pepper. Then I stuffed them into a small jar that will hold them all. Filled the jar half way with Everclear
      ( 190 proof alcohol ) and filled the other half with white vinegar. Then I put them in the freezer. They don't freeze, but are in a sort of suspended animation. I did that over a month ago and I used some the other day in a stir fry and they seemed just fine. I have not as yet tried them in a condiment where they are the main attraction.

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        Hm. How do they taste? I'm afraid that I might have buy some Everclear and then drink what I don't use and get stupid drunk and end up naked somewhere that I'm not supposed to.

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          I used 3 of them in a chicken lemongrass stir fry last evening and they were fine in there. But that is not exactly how you might use them, so I did some more testing. I took three of them and finely sliced them. They are still firm like when I purchased them and sliced cleanly. I placed them in a mixture of 1 T. fish sauce, 1 t. rice vinegar, and 2 t. water. I let them marinate overnight. Since I am not into a pepper topper to my oatmeal, I waited and sampled them at lunch. I go to a Thai restaurant all the time and I could not detect any difference between my preserved ones and fresh at the restaurant. I am very happy with the result. They have been in the freezer for about a month and a half. I purchased them at a Minnesota farmers market that ended the second week in October. I am sure you could use 100 proof vodka also, reducing the amount of vinegar and increasing the amount of vodka. I used Everclear because I had some and rarely use it for anything.