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Dec 1, 2012 06:41 PM

Weird site issue when accessing from iPad

When I go to Chowhound on my iPad, I have something very annoying occur. As the board is loading, the screen gets bigger, then normal again, then bigger, then back to normal. It's very annoying when I'm attempting to click on one of the threads and it decides to grow/shrink at that very minute and I end up in the wrong thread.

Anyone else notice this? It doesn't happen when I log in on my desktop, not does it happen on any other websites or boards I access from my iPad. Only this site.

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    1. Yes, happens for me too. I just have to wait a few seconds for the page to finish "loading", or else I wind up on a thread I didn't intend to visit.

      1. Yes! Very annoying.

        1. Yep, this happens constantly and it's driving me nuts!