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Dec 1, 2012 04:54 PM

Crepes in Bucks County?

Is there any where to get crepes in bucks county? especially nutella crepes?

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  1. The Zebra-Striped Whale in Newtown has crepes, although it looks like they're mostly served as platforms for ice cream. Don't see nutella ones on their menu, though.

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      Central Perk Creperie in the Oxford Valley Mall does serve sweet crepes and has nutella. You can see pictures of them here.

      North of you in Flemington Crepe and Grill was open, closed and not sure if they have reopened.

      There is a relatively new crepe shop in Behtlehem called Full of Crepe. Do not know if they have nutella.

      Slate Bleu in Doylestown offers crepe as part of their sunday brunch. To the best of my recollectoin they are savory only.

      Black Bass Hotel has a crepe station as part of their Sunday Brunch.

      Further afield Crepe Bechamel in Wayne PA is a decent destination if you are over by the KoP area.

      And Philadelphia proper has at least seven different creperie, the most noted of course being Beau Monde just off of South Street.

    2. I've been hearing good things about Button's Creperie in the Trenton Farmers Market. Obviously not in Bucks County, but not that far away.

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        Actually just checking Button's Creperie's website they also are at the Stockton Farmers market which is just down the road from the OP, and they are there both Sat and Sunday. The Trenton option is there from Thursday through Sunday...