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Dec 1, 2012 04:38 PM

Finally got EMP reservations!!!

I'm in NYC every Christmas holiday season, and have been trying for 4 years now go get in to EMP. Well, I finally got a reservation for Saturday, Dec 29th @ 7pm and cannot wait.

Just wondering about a few things. Now that the format is tasting menu only, how much is the wine pairings per person, and is it worth it? And I'm assuming that I won't be overdressed in a suit and tie?

Anything else I should know about or specifically ask for?

Thanks in advance...

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  1. Some recent posts here:
    "We did the wine pairing - in retrospect, I wished we had either shared the pairing or simply ordered a bottle of champagne. The wines were great, but were all whites except for one. Not our favorite."
    "4 - Wine list had some great values and the somm geared us to a great bottle. Lots of decent bottles with some age for not crazy prices (though sadly not as much as there used to be). From what I saw the table next to us getting, the paired tasting was all wines from the BTG list and did not seem to be a great value. Better to go for a few glasses and then do a bottle or half bottle."

    Suit and tie will be fine. Ask for a kitchen tour if you want one. Their cocktails are also excellent.

    1. My preference, after having too many disappointing pairings in various restaurants, is to spend a similar amount on an excellent bottle, or two, depending on the menu, etc.

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      1. I personally can't recommend the wine pairing. I wish I'd spent the money on a nice bottle of wine instead at half the price. *sigh*

        1. While I've never had the wine pairings at EMP, their wine list is one of my favorites: great selections at fair prices.

          1. Congrats! I'm going Friday for lunch and cannot wait either.

            To anyone that's been there before, does the duck have to be ordered for two? I loved the chicken at Nomad so I'm assuming I'll love the duck.