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foodie gift ideas

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I need some help from other foodies for a gift for a serious foodie and (home) chef--was thinking Bellota but can't do that right now. Wine is not a possibility either for this person. Ideas welcome!

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  1. Did you want to get some sort of gourmet food item? Or some sort of ""utensil-type" thing that he/she might use in the kitchen? Price range?

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      Anything, really--I'm thinking about a dehydrator, for example. Or, if there were any way I could get a seat at Thornton's Wolvesden. . . .the serious foodie/home chef is a man.

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              Holiday shopping issue solved! For a mere $1,000 each, I'm giving EVERYONE I know, The French Laundry Sparkling Wine and Caviar Experience. (How can they be serious about this chit?) It's a SPLIT of champagne that can't cost more than $50 bucks, retail. Where's the other $950 dollar's worth? Enquiring minds.

              On second thought, I think I'll save a few bucks and just get everyone the $850 dollar "Per Se Risotto Experience". They actually have RICE in that one. (Jeez.)

      1. Gift certificate to Surfas, Star or other commercial kitchen supply store.

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          I'd be a happy man with a gift certificate from Cutlery and More.

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            Yea....I think any foodie could spend money at Surfa's.

          2. How about a Duck Press? Doesn't everyone want one?

            1. Nathan Myrhvold's 5 volume tome: "Modernist Cuisine". Actually the 6th volume is out now. Entitled: "Modernist Cuisine: At Home", this would be especially prescient for your home chef foodie.

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                Ok, this one will be perfect! He bought the 'first edition' 5-vol set when it first came out, but doesn't even know about this one yet--thank you! Keep the great ideas coming everyone--this is very helpful for the holiday season as well!

              2. In case you didn't get one yet, I came across thishttp://onemorebiteblog.blogspot.com/2012/12/holiday-bites-top-10-gift-ideas-for.html