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Ideas for feta

Once again, I was at Costco and bought something on impulse. The "something" was a brick of feta cheese (over 2 1/2 pounds). Now the question is, other than sprinkling it over salad, how can I use it?
I have made shrimp with feta and tomatoes, which I liked a lot, but I need a lot more recipes!!
So can you help a CH'er out with some simple, delicious, recipes which include feta cheese?

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    1. Dips
      Over gratineed vegetables instead of Parm
      In pita sandwiches of roast lamb, beef or chicken
      Omelettes & frittatas

      1. Grilled cheese sandwiches, with sliced tomatoes and maybe some chopped black olives.

        1. Any recipe that uses bitter greens can be great with feta. I have heard raves for it combined with some ricotta in a Swiss Chard quiche. You can also marinate a piece in olive oil and herbs to have on crackers. You can also put on a pizza or toss into a pasta with lamb sauce. (PS I'm still trying to get through the large jars of sun dried tomatoes I bought at Costco at the start of the year!)

          1. Omelette. Spinach, feta, red chili flakes

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              Along those lines, I made a lovely frittata this week with leeks, winter squash, and feta.

            2. There is a great Ana Sortun recipe for red pepper feta whip that you can find on Chow. Also you can serve a small block of feta with honey drizzled over it and lost of fresh cracked pepper with se crackers.

              1. I add it to the mix when I make stuffed peppers. I also use it in a stuffed eggplant recipe.
                It is nice in a Greek seasoned meatloaf.

                1. I buy the big jar of crumbled feta at Costco. My favorite thing to do with it is to cube some cucumber, add some chopped parsley, chopped green onion, lemon juice, and lots of fresh black pepper. Sometimes I add some cooked quinoa to up the protein, mix in the feta, and eat. Makes a quick easy lunch for work.

                  I also use some feta to make quesadillas. Sautéed some spinach or Swiss chard with some olive oil and chopped garlic until wilted. In a skillet, heat a little oil, and add a corn tortilla and cook it for a few seconds. Flip, top on one half with a little of the cooked spinach, a little feta and a little mozzarella or jack cheese. Fold the other half over, and cook until lightly browned on both sides.

                  1. That Costco brick is the President brand here in Boston. Not very good feta in my opinion. [Mine also stocks Dodoni feta which is much better.]

                    But it is certainly edible. I love feta cheese and pico de gallo omlettes, spanikopita [cheese and spinach pies], topping for hummus or kebobs, Greek salad [pairing President with good olives helps them], mixed into mashed potatoes, polenta, grits.


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                      Yes, well, we all know you don't get a large selection at our local Costco's...... ;)

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                        I love my Costco's selection! We have three kinds of feta to choose from. Of course, selection varies by region so maybe this isn't the case everywhere.

                    2. I'd make a huge spanakopita with lots of garlic, dill and great olive oil. & You would'nt be able to guess where I bought the feta.

                      1. Spinach, feta, and toasted walnut raviolis. Made with wonton skins if you don't feel like making fresh pasta.

                        I know you said "other than salads", but if you haven't tried Kale & barley salad, then that'd be worth a try. I had it a couple times at a friends house and though I was dubious at first, it was great. Like escondido123 said upthread, the feta goes really well with the strong greens.

                        Feta also freezes really well. :-)

                        1. Throw a small chunk of it into homemade hummus as you make it in the food processor. Or to doctor store-bought hummus, along with lemon, spices, garnish of pine nut. Really lightens it up, adds creaminess.

                          1. I once made a pizza topped with sun-dried tomato basil pesto, sliced baby bellas, and crumbled feta. It was a big hit (brought it over to my neighbors house to add to their homemade pizza dinner) - they were "fighting" over who got to take the last piece for lunch the next day!

                            1. spanakopita, horiatiki salad, pizza ( mushrooms and feta yumm), in yogurt cucumber dip, bruschetta, baked shrimp and feta, mushroom and feta filo pie, a platter with hummus, feta, olives and tomato

                              1. Greek omelettes (tomato and feta)
                                Greek mac & cheese (feta, dill, spinach, arugula)
                                potato and feta gratin
                                Zucchini and feta fritters
                                If you like the shrimp with tomatoes and feta, this is a similar recipe using chicken that's quite good: http://www.epicurious.com/recipes/foo...
                                spinach and feta pizza

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                                1. Stuff chicken breasts or thighs (slip under the skin) and roast. You can add chopped spinach, herbs, bacon, etc... as well.

                                  1. WOW!! Thank you all for the fabulous ideas. Now I need to get to work!!
                                    I love the idea of stuffed peppers, I plan to make a wheat berry salad with feta (similar to the the one mentioned using quinoa), and the ravioli sound great.
                                    Thanks so much for all the wonderful suggestions.

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                                      You already have lots of suggestion but thought I'd throw in my two cents!

                                      I make stiffed chicken breasts with spinach and feta. I have also done rolled pork loin with spinach feta and dried cranberries (prunes are nice too).

                                      I have recipes if you are interested.

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                                        I was also going to suggest chicken stuffed with spinache and feta. This is the one I make, which is wrapped in bacon. I make the full recipe and wrap them individuall, uncooked, for the freezer. I also alter the cooking instructins slightly because I found the cook time too long. I start by sauteing until the bacon starts to render and get lightly browned, then finish in the oven.


                                    2. Make a basic Aglio e olio and toss some crumbled feta in. One of our favorite dishes, I usually use penne.