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Dec 1, 2012 04:04 PM

Ideas for feta

Once again, I was at Costco and bought something on impulse. The "something" was a brick of feta cheese (over 2 1/2 pounds). Now the question is, other than sprinkling it over salad, how can I use it?
I have made shrimp with feta and tomatoes, which I liked a lot, but I need a lot more recipes!!
So can you help a CH'er out with some simple, delicious, recipes which include feta cheese?

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    1. Dips
      Over gratineed vegetables instead of Parm
      In pita sandwiches of roast lamb, beef or chicken
      Omelettes & frittatas

      1. Grilled cheese sandwiches, with sliced tomatoes and maybe some chopped black olives.

        1. Any recipe that uses bitter greens can be great with feta. I have heard raves for it combined with some ricotta in a Swiss Chard quiche. You can also marinate a piece in olive oil and herbs to have on crackers. You can also put on a pizza or toss into a pasta with lamb sauce. (PS I'm still trying to get through the large jars of sun dried tomatoes I bought at Costco at the start of the year!)

          1. Omelette. Spinach, feta, red chili flakes

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              Along those lines, I made a lovely frittata this week with leeks, winter squash, and feta.