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Dec 1, 2012 03:58 PM

best indian in Baltimore?

I've been to the Ambassador but not for awhile but did like it very much. Any recent reviews of Ambassador or others?

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  1. there's no really good Indian in baltimore as far as I know, but I would put Bombay Garden, Ambassador and Indigma at the bottom of the list.

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      Are you serious? I have been to Indian in many cities in the US and Indian food is one of Baltimore's ethnic strengths. I even worked for an Indian owned company for a time and ate many dishes at people's houses and on trips to our corporate HQ in Mumbai. In Baltimore, dishes are often prepared differently depending on where you go but that is even common with all ethnic foods in the US. In fact, I probably have only had bad Indian a few times out of probably a hundred times I have had it in Baltimore.

      1. re: swivelneck

        I agree. Indian is a bright spot in an otherwise dismal B-more ethnic experience. It aint NYC, but its pretty good. I like all 3 restos disparaged by OP

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        I'm replying to this thread to revive it because I had a delicious dinner and tamarind-vodka cocktail at Indigma last night on Charles. Tried both the vegetarian and non-veg. thali, each of which contained 8 small dishes with wonderfully distinct flavors and colors, delicately balanced spicing, and a light hand with the salt (oversalting seems a common problem in Indian restaurants). All were served piping hot by a waiter who was helpful, friendly, and relaxed but never obtrusive. After too many disappointing meals at the Ambassador, Café Spice, Akbar, et al, I started shopping at Punjab Market a few years ago for spices & ingredients in attempts to replicate recipes at home using Madder Jaffrey's cookbooks. But it was never quite as satisfying. I've never been to India, so my recommendation should be taken with a grain of salt---or a pinch of asafetida---but I think Indigma is doing a great job of providing the old standby dishes with innovative flair. Having sampled yummy Indian in Canada, UK, Seattle, NYC, D.C., Arizona, and Indian friends' kitchens, I can honestly report that Indigma holds its own. It's standard to get tamarind sauce and cilantro chutney with papadam as an appetizer, but there they serve fried naan sticks with fresher, more interesting versions of these sauces plus a bitter house made lemon rind and turmeric pickle. Dahl is a commonplace side dish, but Indigma makes it with an unusual combination of legumes and spices. It's left slightly al dente rather than boiled down to an unappetizing mush. We sampled two chicken dishes (one a sort of creamy Korma; one a take on tikka masala), a lamb vindaloo, a bhurtha curry (eggplant, tomato, onion), aloo gobi (cauliflower & potato), raita, and keer (rice pudding). Not a dud dish in the bunch.

      3. I'm no expert on Indian food, but I like Himalayan House on Fort Ave. Would be interested in others' thoughts.

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          1. re: KAZ

            No expert here, either, other than I like to eat it. I like Himalaya House, too! It's just a little hole, but they seem to have good, fresh food.

            @Curioussheridan: They have both Nepalese and Indian food.

          2. I like the Ambassador's atmosphere, but find the prices way, way too high. My favorite spot has been Akbar on Charles- consistently good and very affordable.

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            1. I'm a big fan of Cafe Spice. It's on York Rd in Timonium, but I think it's worth the trip. I love the food and the owners are gems.

              If you go, try the gobi manchuri appetizer.

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                The owners really are gems! But I haven't been there for quite a while. Used to be a regular for the lunch buffet.

              2. Pavan Foods is amazing. It's a grocery story with a small vegetarian restaurant in the back. South Indian with amazing thailis and dosas. On Harford RD just inside the beltway.