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Dec 1, 2012 03:43 PM

Looking for something very NY centric to send to co-workers in other states. Ideas?

I have a few people I manage in other states and I'd like to send them something for the holidays that you can only get in NYC. I will pass on bagels and Junior's cheesecake is also cliche, but do you happen to have any other ideas? I saw someone on another thread mention a place called Kee's Chocolates. Maybe something there? what's great there if that's a good idea? Any other ideas would be greatly appreciated!

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  1. Kee's doesn't ship and her chocolates are fragile. Some even need to get eaten within 24 hours.

    I would do black and white cookies, Mast Bros chocolate, Momofuku Milk Bar cookies. See also:

    1. Salami from Katz's travels very well.
      Zabar's has many gift basket options... lots more than just bagels.

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        "Send a salami to your boy in Army". I know many people think Katz has gone down hill but I still love that place.

      2. Zabar's has some fabulous gift baskets filled with all sorts of yummy, NY centric things.

        1. Agree with Zabar's. Chelsea Market also has some great NY-themed baskets.