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Looking for something very NY centric to send to co-workers in other states. Ideas?

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I have a few people I manage in other states and I'd like to send them something for the holidays that you can only get in NYC. I will pass on bagels and Junior's cheesecake is also cliche, but do you happen to have any other ideas? I saw someone on another thread mention a place called Kee's Chocolates. Maybe something there? what's great there if that's a good idea? Any other ideas would be greatly appreciated!

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  1. Kee's doesn't ship and her chocolates are fragile. Some even need to get eaten within 24 hours.

    I would do black and white cookies, Mast Bros chocolate, Momofuku Milk Bar cookies. See also:

    1. Salami from Katz's travels very well.
      Zabar's has many gift basket options... lots more than just bagels.

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        "Send a salami to your boy in Army". I know many people think Katz has gone down hill but I still love that place.

      2. Zabar's has some fabulous gift baskets filled with all sorts of yummy, NY centric things.

        1. Agree with Zabar's. Chelsea Market also has some great NY-themed baskets.

            1. Another vote for black and white cookies. As a gift, I would prefer getting the mini black-and-whites instead of the huge discs.

              That said, I no longer live in NYC and the only unique item I ever look forward to eating when I am visiting, simply because I have never found them anywhere else, is Choward's Violet "mints". I adore the floral taste and I associate them with underground NYC subway kiosks. I even love the retro violet foil wrapping and lettering.


              But they might make a very puzzling gift, so I would go with the black-and-whites.

              1. Check out the Made in NY site for local artisans. All sorts of stuff.


                  1. I know you said no bagels, but the Russ & Daughter options offer way more than that: http://shop.russanddaughters.com/stor...

                    1. How about bialys? When you get away from the East Coast most people have never tried a good bialy. I reccomend Kossar's as the best in town!!

                      1. I grew up in NYC, but now live in the Midwest. The ONE food I miss most, and most associate with NY, is the knish. Specifically, the square, potato-filled ones sold at the street carts. Gabila's will ship---you'll want the "Coney Island Square" knish, although I'm sure the others are good, also.

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                          I am sure Katz's will ship out a care package of Salami, Knish's and Pastrami!!

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                            Not sure if it's only in the NY area but I just bought Gabila's knishes at Costco.

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                              Pretty sure it's only in the NY area. My Mom in Queens gets them from her local supermarket when I'm coming to visit. :) However, I live in IL, and no one here even knows what a knish is!

                          2. Elenis cookies makes NYC cookie sets that are really adorable and depict all sorts of NY things. You should check it out. I've sent them to out-of-towners who really got a kick out of them.

                            1. William Greenberg Desserts makes the best 'black and white' cookies in the city, IMO. You can order them here: http://wmgreenbergdesserts.com/STORE/...

                              1. Babka from Russ and Daughters, you won't get that outside of NYC. They have lots of other delicious treats like chocolate covered orange peel, rugelach, dried fruit, etc. They'll ship.