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Dec 1, 2012 03:17 PM

Can I take kids to Mission Chinese Food on a weekday around 6pm?

I am interested in trying Mission Chinese and would like to take my kids as well (6 and 9 yrs old.) My first question is, is it a kid friendly place? I mean, I know it's not fancy, but will it be just plain weird to be there with a bunch of foodie cool people around? Second, I LOVE spicy food and my kids have somewhat of a tolerance as a result, but at this point, very low end. I'd like to order one or two things they wouldn't be able to eat, but overall, are there options there that are not spicy for them?


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  1. I wouldn't. Sometimes there's a line before they open at 5:30pm, I think. By 6pm you might have a wait. There is also a very small space to wait inside, very cramped tables, the "help yourself" beer keg, and red lighting throughout. The vibe is too adult, I think.

    Why not go for lunch instead?

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      They go to school, we go to work. We could do it on a weekend, but it seemed like a nice adventure to break up the week. We don't mind a wait, but if it would be weird to have kids there at all, that's an issue.

      1. re: vvv03

        Weekend lunch sounds better, I personally would find it weird to find kids there at night.

    2. Is takeout an option for you? I've made two attempts to eat at Mission Chinese on a weeknight, and both times the wait was 2+ hours. So I got takeout. I'm too old to wait 2+ hours for a meal, and your kids are too young.