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Dec 1, 2012 02:56 PM

New toaster oven

We've been through at least 3-4 and they keep getting worse. We have a half-ass toaster oven/"convection" that works pretty well but the knobs for temp/time/ etc are miniscule and you end up toasting stuff when you want to bake. Plus it does a crappy job of toasting bread. This is at least a 5-6 year Oster model.

So what's my next choice. We use this primarily for toast, broiling (stuff with cheese on top) and baking (mainly bone=in chicken breast, burgers, garlic bread, minimal amt. of cookies.

The toaster ovens have obviously gone to hell in the last 10 years...so what's my next step without a bunch of bells & whistles?

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  1. We purchased a Hamilton Beach Toastation toaster oven about 3 months ago. Type 030 toaster oven, 1300 Watts, it says on the bottom. "Without a bunch of bells and whistles?" OK, this one does not have a Convection oven. Toasts and does its tiny "oven" thing just fine.
    Spouse likes the "Cancel" button for getting a piece of toast to pop up early, without having to fight with the push-down lever.
    We looked over the pictures on the boxes and the display models in WalMart, and picked it up without a whole lot of heartburn. Its been fine.

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      I got the same one and it's perfect. It heats up very quickly and now use the oven pretty frequently. Toast comes out perfect and I also like the Cancel button. My last toaster oven was a Delonghi, worked fine for about 15 years or so but it took up too much space on my counter and took forever to heat up. I never considered buying the same model again.

      I used credit card miles for it so I can't comment on the price/value, but I also got one for my son when he moved into his first apartment. Would definitely recommend it.

    2. Krups, not sure whether the models have changed at all for at least 3-4 years, but we have the convection model. I see there is one without convection, too. I like the convection myself, use it a lot when the full oven is just overkill, too much of a pain or too slow to heat.

      It's far and away the best toaster oven I could find, I looked at a lot and discarded them all because either the controls idiotic and confusing, sized too small, racks were cheesy cheap quality, in use the controls ticked and were unbearably noisy (Delonghi was excruciatingly loud and obnoxious).

      I'm dismayed to read some the reviewer comments on Amazon; I've never had a problem with mine, but I guess it's like all computer-controlled products these days, there are lots of ways for it to go bad.


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        Thanks you both...anybody else want to chime in?

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          We love our Haier four-slice toaster that we've had for years. Very reliable and the toast pops up nicely. It got great reviews and has lived up to its reputation. A few years ago, we bought a Breville toaster oven when my stove broke down. I use it for baking, toasting, broiling . . . you name it. After years of crumby toasters and toaster ovens, we finally have an abundance of riches!

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          Krups no longer makes the FBC412 that I bought about 5 years ago, following a Cooks Illustrated equipment testing. Doesn't toast bread so evenly, but I hardly ever use it to make toast, and the broil, bake, and convection bake do their jobs well. The nonstick bake pan and broil tray didn't stay non-stick very long, and they've become hard to clean; it appears Krups no longer sells replacements, so I'm mostly using Nordic Ware instead.

          The FBC2 on the Krups web site looks just like it and I don't know what the differences are, if any. Neither has the programmable feature of an earlier model; you adjust the time and temperature as you please.

          amazon.com says the FBC2 is currently unavailable, which usually means it's discontinued. Instead amazon lists 2 other Krups toaster ovens, but these aren't on the Krups web site. I've no idea what's up with Krups.

          1. re: John Francis

            If Krups has discontinued the FBC2, that may be no great loss - Cooks Illustrated says it's lousy at making toast.

        3. Breville Smart Oven, it has convection and cooks and toasts beautifully. We use it more than our full sized oven which also has convection.

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          1. re: rasputina

            Wow. A $200+ toaster oven!!

            I'd suggest finding a 10-20 year old Black and Decker. Mine broke, and I replaced it with the new version - which sucks. (slow & uneven toasting)

            All I wanted was something simple, that toasted quickly and evenly.

            It's shocking that I'm old enough to say this... but they sure don't make 'em like they used to!

            1. re: mikefly

              Why would I want a 20 year old black and decker? I bake everything from pies to bundt cakes to toast in my Breville. I had basic toaster oven for over 10 years. I'm so glad I finally replaced it with the Breville. There is no comparison.

              1. re: rasputina

                Sorry, did not mean to suggest that you are not making full use of your toaster oven.

                I'm just frustrated it's hard to get one that is reasonably priced and good at making toast.

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                I agree about not making them like they used to. I am looking for just a toaster, not a toaster oven. Only need a two slice model. I have bought two so far and have taken them both back. Tried the first about 5 times. Irregular toasting and no release button to stop during a cycle. The second I pulled out of the wraps and immediately put it back away.

                Just looking for a simple toaster that will toast evenly... Next best thing since sliced bread...

                1. re: THoey1963

                  My post, above, on the Hamilton Beach Toastation... That "simple toaster" may still be worth your consideration, even if it can also be a small "toaster oven." It is a great "2 slice toaster" and has the cancel feature (or 'release button') you would enjoy.

                2. re: mikefly

                  You're not the only one...I have a fond memory of the old Black & Decker, lasted for years/dependable...."back in the day..." I just want something that isn't crap.

                  1. re: berkleybabe

                    So I cracked and bought the compact Breville on sale today. My first test - to toast a slice of bread.. And it does not give an even toasting. One side brown, the other side lightly toasted. I will give this a whirl, but if I'm going to get uneven toast, I'd prefer it in a $50 toaster. Will toast a few more slices, and see.

                    The build quality does appear to be light years ahead of B&D.

                3. re: rasputina

                  To bounce onto the Breville train .. one of my favorite bloggers uses her quite a bit. She's quite the foodie with her sous vide cooking and browning things in her oven, etc. Here's her rec for it:


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                    Yup. Gotta agree with the Breville Smart Oven. It's like having a second oven, only it's better than my wall oven! I roast chicken in it, and rack of lamb. Bake cakes, pizza. Oh, yeah, and occasionally even toast. Seriously, I no longer covet a double oven (which I have had in the past) with this thing. It does so much, so well, if mine died tomorrow, I wouldn't hesitate to get another. It has become my favorite appliance, by far. Price tag be damned.

                    1. re: MelMM

                      So you can roast a whole chicken (not butterflied) in the Breville Smart Oven? Sorry but I haven't don't any research so I don't know the inner size of this model but I really miss having a countertop convection oven to roast a whole chicken.

                      1. re: Stephanie Wong

                        Yep, I've done it, and I prefer it to my full size oven for this purpose. Now, I don't know what size chickens you get, but I prefer smaller ones. I think, though, that I've done up to a 5 lb one in my Breville Smart Oven. It seems like it won't work, but it will, because of the convection. And the thing is, it doesn't take up that much more space than my previous toaster oven, which was an Oster, non-convection model.

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                      Voted #1 at Cooks Illistrated,but the Hamilton Beach came in #2.

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                        How about cleaning it ? I realize its not self cleaning but how difficult is it to clean?

                      2. Hi... I don't have room for the larger Breville so I bought the Compact Model. With the 20% coupon from Bed, Bath and Beyond, it was under $150. I've only had it about 10 days but so far I am very pleased. I've not only toasted and melted cheese but baked some fish and broiled some chicken breasts. All has gone well.

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                          I think you'll get a lot of use out of it. I gifted my elderly parents the compact model last Christmas because they just couldn't bend to lift things in and out of the oven any longer. The countertop compact is great for them, they use it for all of their roasting, baking and toasting. A nice plus is it's very simple to use and doesn't frustrate them like a lot of electronic devices.

                          1. re: Cam14

                            Not much talk about it on CHOW but I own a Calphalon XL Digital Convection Oven. Great for everything including toasting. The controls and display are high quality - best I have seen, and that includes the Breville. It can hold a 9x13 pan which is nice but the flip side to that is it takes up a lot of counter space.

                        2. i too am looking to replace my old, but reliable black and decker toaster oven. the more i read, the more confused i get. explosions, burned toast, shattering glass doors, non-user friendly, noisy, and breaking after 6 months are just some of the complaints. then i started reading about the health issues attached to the easy-clean interior coatings! it is almost enough to make me give up on a toasted bagel! the breville sounds good, but i would really prefer a smaller sized model. any thoughts or sugggestions??

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                            The Breville comes in 3 sizes, the Smart Oven, the compact and the mini. The compact and mini do not have convection though.

                            1. re: betsey

                              It seems like you must go high-end or be unsatisfied. I may yet be convinced to spend in order to have nicely toasted toast.