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Favorite ways to use roasted garlic?

I have recently been enlightened to the wonderful world of roasted garlic. What are your favorite ways to use it?

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  1. I just squeeze it on crusty bread... a little goes a long way. It is delicious.

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      +100. I like it on pita chips too.

    2. My SO wants to add to an Asian marinade tonight (soy sauce, sesame oil, ginger, usually minced garlic). Any thoughts?

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        I think the other Asian ingredients would overpower its subtle sweet taste.

      2. On/in everything!! I love roasted garlic so much, I would eat it on toast. I'd mix it into whatever you'd like....

        1. Great on homemade pizza and worked into mashed potatoes (mashed anything, really).

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            YES, this! The roasted garlic mashed potatoes were a big hit at Thanksgiving.

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              Right? Now you've got me thinking I might need to make some for Sunday dinner tomorrow.

          2. I love mixing into mayonnaise and topping sandwiches with it. It is also delicious mixed in mustard, but not your typical yellow type, though I've not tried that.

            I also like mixing it in tomato soup, bechamel sauce for lasagne & gratineed potatoes, as well as mashed potatoes. I have yet to try them in other mashed root vegetables.

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              It is really delightful in mashed carrots or whipped potato/carrot blend.

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                I figured it would be but since I haven't ever tried it so I didn't want to say it!

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                  Yeah...like I said above: I've never mashed a vegetable that didn't take well to roasted garlic. I usually make a paste with a little warm milk or cream so it blends in more homogeneously and doesn't give anyone a mouthful of garlic (not that I would personally mind).

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                    Now you'll have to get yourself some first-hand experience! :)

              2. In soup... in beans salads... I love how it mashes down to create a silky puree in soups.


                1. Added to raw ground beef for hamburgers
                  Rubbed into a wooden salad bowl before preparing Caesar salad.
                  Added to sour cream or plain Greek yogurt for dip or salad dressing
                  Rubbed on whole fish with a bit of oo instead of butter then broiled
                  Spread under the skin of a chicken then roasted (again)
                  Added to homemade onion soup

                  1. opportunities abound! spread it on bread or toast or crackers, use it with chicken or steak, enhance a steak sauce or gravy! roast some cauliflower and enjoy it with the garlic, stir it into mashed potatoes!

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                      This is what I plan to do tonight. I have a few chicken breasts that I plan to bake very simply with herbs, can I just rub the garlic on the breasts before baking or should I use more sparingly?

                    2. I think a roasted garlic smeared grilled cheese is in order to snack on tonight.

                      1. One Caveat..........if you don't like garlic or onions, you will starve in my house

                        That said.....add some to a chicken type soup........noodles.....rice.....veggie, etc........and TBS of of Peanut butter per serving.......give it an exotic flavor folks are hard to place, but seem to adore

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                          I'm with you. I strongly fear that I'm walking around the world emitting a horrible stench

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                            Let 'em eat Garlic!!!!!!!!!!! I bring out the mints if necessary, but they are too good to pass up

                        2. Hummus!! Or anything else that calls for garlic, IMO

                          1. I made a roasted garlic and paprika tartar sauce for crabcakes. I will do it again the taste and color were lovely

                            1. Any thoughts on spreading garlic paste on chicken breasts before baking tonight? It won't be too overwhelming right?

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                                Actually..........put it under the skin if they aren't boneless/skinless. then spray the skin with Pam...you get a nice flavor, crispy skin, moister meat

                              2. I have made this Roasted Garlic and Carrot Hummus many times and it's always a hit.


                                Also, we make roasted garlic on the grill in warmer weather and spread it on burgers.

                                1. I see a lot of people have mentioned putting roasted garlic in mashed potatoes. Which I agree with, but to take it up a notch, I also like to add a bit of wasabi paste to this. The sweetness of the garlic and the kick from the wasabi go together very nicely.

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                                    How many heads do you usually add? For Thanksgiving I went with 2 for 2 lbs of potatoes and I definitely should have squeezed a bit more in I think :) This stuff is very delicious.

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                                      Still trying to figure this out. I had about the same garlic:potato ratio as you did and also felt like I could have added more garlic. I've noticed roasted garlic isn't as strong as raw garlic, so maybe next time I will try 3 bulbs, and have extra mouthwash on hand for afterwards!

                                  2. A bulb's worth, 3 C chicken broth, 3 c water and 1/4 c miso paste and you've got a very nice garlic broth. Makes great udon noodle soup.

                                    1. Wow! Best dinner of the month so far...Christmas has a lot to live up to ;) I made Chicken Cordon Bleu rolls tonight and rubbed each breast with roasted garlic before they were baked so techinically "twice roasted garlic." As I walked to the table, I noticed a beige bit which I thought was a residual toothpick. To my surprise and delight, it was not and I assumed it was cheese and popped it into my mouth, it was a lovely bite of that delicious double roasted garlic.

                                      1. Adds a nice note to gratins, dotted in pieces over a layer of veg.

                                        1. In the fall when local garlic is plentiful, I roast off at least a dozen heads of garlic then freeze them for use through the winter months.

                                          Two of my favourite ways to put them to use are:

                                          - in gravies, especially for roast beef and turkey. The roasted garlic adds a sweetness and depth of flavour that really makes the gravy stand out.

                                          - in a sandwich. A Wild Mushroom and Roasted Garlic Sandwich to be exact. The recipe comes from a cookbook that I love called Bistro Cooking at Home by Gordon Hamersley. I did find it online in case anyone is interested:


                                          1. The question might also ask how do you roast your garlic/s. I cut the bottom/s off the bulbs and rub some OO on them and wrap them tightly in tin foil then into a 200 F oven until the package/s are easy to squeeze. The ones I don't use right away go into the fridge. They are always used up within a week. They keep well in the tin foil wrapping.

                                            1. i use it all over the place in a myriad of ways, but this week i used it in a creamless creamy asparagus soup -- almost puree some onion and garlic. sauteed them up. added some salt, pepper, chopped asparagus, almond milk, veggie broth, and a sprinkle of fresh thyme. let simmer a bit, deglazed the pan with a little veggie broth. then added roasted garlic. pureed the whole thing adding in some extra almond milk and veggie broth to get the texture i wanted. served mine plain. served BF's with grated parmesan.

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                                              1. Ice cream of course;-).

                                                It's a staple in my kitchen -

                                                I love in potato salad, in soup (I just cut the top off and add it to the pot then squeeze add release). in BBQ sauce...

                                                I actually add some to most things. I roast it - put in a small jar covered with Evoo and add it to many things...

                                                1. SO's brilliant idea for dinner - salads with balsamic dijon dressing + roasted garlic. What would be the best way to incorporate? I assume just mash well and whisk in with the other ingredients?

                                                  1. In black beans as a Mexican(ish) side dish - 1 head garlic to 1 or 2 cans of beans (partly drained, not rinsed). Simmer a bit to let the flavors meld, mash if you like.