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Publix plans Triangle Locations!

Two locations picked in N. Raleigh and Cary !


(part of article available without subscription)

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  1. Publix, meh. I am holding out for Wegman's.

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      You beat me to the post, boaviagem.

    2. I *LOVE* Publix.

      I moved to California Central Coast earlier this year and really miss Publix. No Wegman's in my area, so I can't compare Publix to Wegman's but I miss the Publix deli most of all. Haven't had a decent chicken (baked or fried) since I moved here.

      The closest thing in my area of Central Coast is Albertson's--and I've been to a couple-- and the chicken and pork roasts have a bizarre, over-seasoned taste. I can't describe it, but it's not pleasant. It just doesn't taste good. Their pork roast tastes almost burnt. I've never gotten a whole chicken from the deli; it's always missing a wing, part of a wing or part of a leg. The wing bar is also not good as the flavors are "off". Albertson's also sells the wings far past the time they should; I've seen the boneless wings reach the hockey puck state and still out for sale.

      My easy, go- to meal used to be a deli chicken and now I can't count on that any longer. Shame on you, Albertson's!

      1. Now you will get some good to great pies. Gift the mango pie to everybody before they catch on. " Glad you like it, It was no trouble at all."

        Wonder how long it will take the staff to adopt to Publix service standards?

        1. Yes we have Florida friends who told us they are in the midst of a large expansion through to VA. Don't know about prices and such but I do love the Subs at their deli counter.

          1. Grew up in FL so am a big Publix fan. I like their store brand for a lot of their products, like yogurt (churro flavor anyone?). Very similar to HT, maybe just a notch above.

            1. This is awesome news. Publix is the only thing I miss about Florida.

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                And the beautiful beaches and great seafood of the Gulf of Mexico.

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                  Not a beach person. Most beaches in SoFla were private or gross.

              2. Blurb in WRAL.com about Publix coming to Cary.


                P.S. Thessalian, Gulf of Mexico beaches (i.e., Destin, Panama City, St. George Island or the Sarasota/St. Pete areas) are nothing like S. FL beaches.

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                  See now my relatives won't have to retire to FL.. Florida will be coming here.. :-p