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Dec 1, 2012 01:34 PM

I can hardly believe I am asking this but here goes: What can I do with half a rare strip sirloin steak?

It wasn't good enough to enjoy as a charcoaled steak and too rare to share with my family member.

I'm frustrated by how much it cost, and just for principle's sake, would like to make something out of it.

If someone has an idea, I would appreciate it.

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  1. Saute up some peppers and onions. Slice the steak super thin, toss in to pan with the p&o just to warm through, wrap up in some nice warm flour tortillas.

    1. 1. Sliced Steak Sandwich

      2. Steak over Salad Greens.

        1. Steak and cheese with browned onions on a grinder roll with mayo and hot pepper relish.

          1. My totally selfish, self-indulgent response is to slice it across the grain very thin, then toss it in a hot skillet with butter until it's browned a little and hot through, but still showing plenty of pink. Then keep it warm while you fry a couple of eggs in the butter … And if there's too much for one serving of killer steak-and-eggs, your choices are very much expanded, aren't they?