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Dec 1, 2012 01:01 PM

Jelly Doughnuts in St Louis

Hi all,

I'm looking for a place to get jelly doughnuts for this Hannukah. (They're a traditional food for the holiday.) I need someplace with good doughnuts that's open on Sundays. Thoughts?


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  1. do they need to be Kosher? I mean this is STL, so that could be tough to source. Sunday's not really the issue. is there a preferred area?

    on the near South side by the Garden and I-44 I really like World's Fair (between K'hwy and Tower Grove on SW) farther South and West on Chippewa near Hampton is Donut Drive-In. I've only had their apple fritters, but if that is a reliable barometer they know from their sugary pastries.

    <edit> saw your reply, whew, that makes it a lot easier. but these places are my all-time faves, and I really don't know the County anymore.

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      Sorry, should have specified - they do NOT need to be kosher

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        whoops, World's Fair is on Vandeventer at the circle where it crosses Shaw. same area as referenced, just the wrong street.

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          I second hill food's vote for World's Fair. Mr. & Mrs. C are there on Sunday mornings...though I think they do close a little earlier on Sunday than on other days of the week. If you are coming from the county or unfamiliar with the neighborhood, it is just a few blocks west of Shaw's Garden, easy enough to find. I realize the jelly donuts are traditional, but you owe it to yourself to pick up a couple of plain cake donuts for the ride home, they're so good they make all the fussier stuff seem completely redundant. I've said it before on this board, but my cousin tried one and declared it 'the fried chicken of donuts.' Try one, you'll see what she means...and she makes me bring a dozen every time I visit her in Springfield.

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            toni - you know their names? wow you are hardcore. I do like Donut Drive-In a little bit more but maybe I'm a sucker for their sign.

      2. At one time, the widest selection of jelly doughnuts was found at LaMar's Donuts, branches of the KC outfit. They are now Ray's Donuts and the kinds of jelly doughnuts have been cut way back. They have moved their second location west on Olive closer to 270, and I am sorry to say that I don't have the exact address. But the 'nuts are very good, and they are indeed open on Sunday.

        And as a side note, it's always seemed odd to me that doughnut houses would be closed on Sundays, because in the little town where I grew up, they were a Sunday treat, or occasionally found at a kids' party. Were the grownups picking them up on the way to work on weekdays? I have no idea - but that seemed a little too frivolous for the time and setting. But, yes, Sundays were perfect.

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          Just found the new location of Ray's and saw blue-and-white sprinkled donuts. It's on the south side of Olive, in a strip mall called the Shoppes (hate that spelling) of Westgate, just west of the shopping center that has la Bonne Bouche in it.

        2. Not sure about Sunday, but John Donut on Broadway near Soulard is great. There are certainly Jewish folks in St. Louis, but more spread out than they used to be.

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            I'm hoping you're not referring to my ever-expanding waistband, ddfry3!