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Dec 1, 2012 12:44 PM

Savory ideas for leftover rice?

I feel kind of silly posting this question, but does anyone have good ideas for savory dishes involving leftover rice?

I have a favorite local Brazilian takeout joint that likes to serve dishes on heaping beds of rice -- like other places might serve on a bed of lettuce. So I end up with several cups of leftover rice that I don't know what to do with. It's usually got some meat juices mixed in, so desserts aren't a great option.

Fried rice is probably not my best bet, since the grains are really separate, and I seem to always screw it up anyway.

Any more creative thoughts? I'd really welcome them.

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    1. You can add cooked rice to your meatloaf mixture.

      Rice patties -- Add some tuna, salmon, or cooked and mashed beans, an egg, some onion, form into patties, then brown on both sides in a skillet.

      Cooked rice freezes well. It's convenient to keep some on hand to add to a quick meal.

      1. Rice soup, savory rice pudding, and a rice frittatta are all ideas.

        Fried rice works best with cold, leftover rice where the grains don't stick together.

        1. Make stuffed peppers or acorn squash. Cut bell peppers in half, clean out the insides and prebake cut-sides-down in a glass baking dish for about 20 min at 350 F - just until the peppers are cooked through. For the squash, I bake it until tender, about 45 min. Mix the rice with some cooked ground meat and/ or sauteed veggies, maybe some cheese or an egg to bind it, herbs and seasonings to your whim (Italian, Mexican, Indian, etc). Mound the filling in the peppers or squash and bake until hot, 30-40 mins. Can be made ahead and baked the next day. Leftovers freeze well.

          Or do a meat-and-rice filling for stuffed cabbage rolls (galumpkis).

          1. You could go for a sort of Spanish rice by putting it in with some sauteed onions and bell peppers and tomato sauce. Use chili powder or taco seasoning. Or you could go italian - similar approach but season more heavily with garlic, oregano, etc. Maybe some chopped zuchhini in the veggie saute.

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              You can also do a really easy version using a jar of pico de gallo salsa.