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No Carb "snacks"

My son was recently diagnosed with diabetes. I am looking for snack ideas that he can eat without having to having to count carbs etc. So far I have just been carrying around various cold cuts and cheese sticks and a few veggie sticks that count. I have meals under control but it's the in between snacks that I am at a loss for. Anyone in the same boat?

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  1. Check out the "special diets" boards... lots of discussion there, including snacks for a diabetic child to take to school. Here's one thread: http://chowhound.chow.com/topics/844259 and the snack thread: http://chowhound.chow.com/topics/864492 and a great web site so you'll be in a better position to understand your choices: phlaunt.com/diabetes. The single most important piece of advice anywhere for reaching the best choices individualized: http://www.phlaunt.com/diabetes/flyer...

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      nuts and nut butters are excellent snacks.

    2. I'm not diabetic but I do eat low carb.

      frico, hard cooked eggs, salami chips, fat bombs when I want something sweet (pretty rare for me, I don't crave sweet often,) meat jerkys, deviled eggs, jalapenos stuffed with cream cheese wrapped in bacon and baked (I'll eat these right out of the fridge,) some people like pork rinds when they crave crunch.

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        I always have a bag of almonds in my car, cheese sticks with full fat do very well all day without refrigeration. Some kids like jerky snacks. The special diets boards has a thread discussing the best protein/snack bars for diabetics with the most wholesome ingredients, too.

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          Have a new entry; Kind has a new line of nuts and spices bars. The dark chocolate, nuts and sea salt bar is 16 grams of carbs of which 5 are sugars and 7 are fiber. Very good, though I'd like a touch more salt and a bit less sugar.... nutrition info here: http://www.fatsecret.com/calories-nut... There are a few other bars in this new line, I haven't checked the nutrient data on the others, but I plan to buy these by the case for my husband... good ingredients, compared to so many other bars. Here's the whole assortment of the new lower sugar nuts and spice bars: http://www.kindsnacks.com/nuts-spices...

      2. Beef jerky. Toasted seeds or nuts. (Trader Joe's has lots of options in the nut/dried fruit aisle.) They also have bean chips that may be low carb. You'd have to check the labels to be sure.

        1. Thanks guys. Very helpful. I didn't realize there was a special diet board..

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          1. Lots of choices! My husband (diagnosed in July) loves hard boiled eggs...not for everyone, but lots of markets even carry them pre-peeled for grab and go if you're pressed for time. Cheese sticks for sure...mild mozzarella, sharp cheddar wedges. Does he like olives? I like to mix up a little container of olives (tuna stuffed, spanish, black, pitted kalamata, cured). How about a giant dill pickle sometimes? And for sure almonds...a handful of walnuts. Celery stuffed with peanut butter or full fat cream cheese.

            1. These are not NO carb snacks, but they are really low:

              I make a "trail mix" with a variety of nuts and cut up one low carb chocolate bar into very small cubes. Mix it together. I like the "sweet and salty" thing. I put the mix in a big glass jar and it is easy to grab a handful. I use a variety of almonds, pepitas, raw hazelnuts, sunflower seeds.

              Pistachio nuts are also a favorite snack.

              I always have spreads and dips on hand too. I buy a few low carb crackers and have sliced veggies ready to eat. I like to make "hummus" from black soy beans, dips from a mix of mayo and yogurt with spices ....and cottage cheese dips with garlic and sunflower seeds and some flavored oil drizzled over the top. All keep really well in the fridge.

              1. He is 8 yrs old and a picky eater. I really wish a container of olives would work but no chance..lol Jerky is a great choice I haven't thought of.. Pork Rinds ...Yes!!!

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                  Oh, he is 8!!! LOL

                  Nut butters might be more up his alley :)

                  How about some puddings and Popsicle's from things like coconut milk, almond milk, etc? Add some coco powder and non sugar sweetener? I don't know if you have tried the avocado chocolate pudding but it is fabulous! http://rollinoatstampa.com/2012/02/14... (skip the cocoa nibs


                  I used to make my kids Popsicle's from herb teas and non sugar sweeteners (instead of juice) and they loved them. Raspberry flavored teas are great for that. You can make fruit tea "granita's" too.... same idea, like a slushie :)

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                    Hi King of NB, I'm a type 1 also. Snacks I enjoy are nuts, apple slices & peanut butter (some carbs - but good carbs), low carb yogurt (I like Dannon's Light & Fit - it only has 3 carbs per container), etc. I would also suggest sugar-free jello and pudding packs. I also use these Light & Fit Wasa crackers, which are good size (4"x3"). They are only 4 carbs per cracker. I spread almond or peanut butter on them and make a "sandwich". 8 carbs and just a couple units of insulin and its a great snack because the protein in the nut butter is very satisfying.

                    I'm sorry for his diagnosis but he will learn good diabetes management and how to eat well and he'll be a happy and healthy guy. :)

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                      Thank you! Yes, we are all learning how to deal with this slowly. Sadly the Pork rinds were a no go,lol.. He can be very picky. These are all very good ideas. I think I will try beef jerky next. I'm really just looking for easy on the go options that are readily available and so far a lot of great ideas! I'm trying to cut out the in between meal time insulin unless of course he really wants something which is fine.

                  2. For crunch, pork rinds! Nuts in general, real nuts (almonds, pistachios, walnuts) have fewer carbs than seeds (cashews) or legumes (peanuts). Google 'Atkins diet snacks' for other low-carb suggestions. Good luck, low carb eating is actually fun!

                    1. A few people mentioned deviled eggs......another idea is instead of using the yolks to stuff the whites, use tuna salad......you could even use ham salad........For a healthier mixture, I use about half Light Mayo and half Greek yogurt.....

                      ETA: I also love cucumber slices with hummus as a snack.....other toppings would be good too....