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Dec 1, 2012 11:42 AM

Catch restaurant - I can't recall seeing any reviews here.

Is it worthwhile for the food if we're looking for a restaurant with a fun atmosphere?

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  1. I went with a friend who is one of those "NY chicks" who goes out every night to the next hottest place. She's actually pretty picky and LOVES the place. I thought the food was decent. Vibe? Eh. I mean, there were some leggy model types by the time we left (we went for an earlyish dinner so the cool people weren't there yet.) It's a decent space (second floor of the building, meatpacking district), but nothing terribly impressive to me. I may have a slanted view, though, as my friend thinks it's the best thing ever and I expected to be more wowed. All the food was good, though.