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Dec 1, 2012 09:28 AM

What cookbooks have you bought recently, or are you lusting after? December 2012 edition [OLD]

This promises to be a banner holiday season for us devoté(e)s of the genre...the NYT lists feature several that I want (and quite a few I have already, some of the more interesting ones in the supplementary list).

In addition, the Nancy Baggett "Simply Sensational Cookies" is well worth the baker's attention.

I live in fear of the best British books lists coming out.

What's on your list???

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  1. That "Dirt Candy" looks interesting. I might want to investigate that a little further or hear from a few more folks who know about it.

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    1. re: yayadave

      Michael Symon's "Carnivore," Julia's "Kitchen Wisdom" and the NY Times' Julia Moskin's "Cookfight" are all on my list for SantaSpouse to pick from. I am especially looking forward to Cookfight, because the original challenge this book is based on was detailed in the Times a couple of years ago, and was such a great read.

      Oh, and "How to Eat." which somehow never gets purchased for poor, pitiful moi. Maybe this year. :)

      1. re: nikkihwood

        How come I don't remember Cookfight in the Times? When was that?

          1. re: nikkihwood

            Oh yeah, I remember that. I don't like Kim Severson at all, so probably blocked it out of my memory :)

      2. re: yayadave

        Yeah, I'm interested in that one too. The format seems like it might make it a bit hard to cook from, but still ... intriguing.

      3. VINTAGE CAKES has just gone in my Amazon shopping cart. Even though I've given up sweets for the most part, cakes have always been the thing I've most liked to make.

        And then there's TART IT UP! (tarts being the thing I've liked to make most after cakes).

        Thank you, buttertart (maybe you like making tarts, too).

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        1. re: Jay F

          Not as much as my mom did, the cognomen is an hommage to her and to my Canadian roots.

          1. re: buttertart

            What Canadian doesn`t like buttertarts? My Mom made them often.

          2. re: Jay F

            I have Vintage Cakes and I like it. There's a good deal of retro/whimsy in it, but the recipes appear to be pretty solid. Haven't had the opportunity to bake from it yet, but probably will tackle it after the first of the year.

          3. I think I'm going to add Vietnamese at Home to my Santa list.

            1. I had pro ordered The Kimchi Cookbook by Lauryn Chun
              It arrived this past week
              The pictures are nice
              The book is divided
              cooking with kimchee
              some recipes seemed interesting
              kimchee risotto, winter greeens with kimchee,oven baked backed ribs

              1. Interesting link buttertart. I guess the NYT is really just listing the new-ish books of the season vs reviewing them. I do have Jamie Oliver's Great Britain but haven't even taken a good look at it yet. Ditto for Burma.

                Susan Feniger’s Street Food is definitely a book I want to check out. I so enjoy her cooking and I love street food so this seems like a great combo.

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