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Dec 1, 2012 09:04 AM

Vegetarian slow cooker recipes

I am hoping to find some more recipes that my SO will eat that are vegetarian, so we can start having meatless Mondays. Problem is he hates legumes. That being said, I have a coconut carrot lentil soup slow cooker recipe that he loves. I think it is maybe because the lentils cook down so much and the soup is very flavourful. I am thinking if I can find some similar items that would be great. Any help is appreciated!

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  1. I highly recommend Fresh From the Vegetarian Slow Cooker by Robin Robertson. I have it and (I just checked) have about 11 recipes marked! That's a keeper! PS we are not a vegetarian family, so i definitely use this as a reference on our meatless mondays as well!

    1. I make ratatouille in the slow cooker, makes a nice meal with some crusty bread and a green salad.

      I also have made veggie stuffed peppers (with rice or quinoa instead of beef) and they turn out nice.

      Creamed vegetable soups: cream of cauliflower, squash, broccoli, etc (or beer cheese soup). Just puree and add the cream before serving so it doesn't over cook.

      Spinach or chard lasagna works well in the crock pot too, as does veggie enchiladas (but both should not cook for over 5 hours or they dry out).

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        Do you have a recipe for the ratatouille? I bet that would be nice with some chickpeas thrown in.

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          I make mine like this

          There are similar recipes for crocks but I like the ones that use the layering technique and fresh tomatoes, rather than the "dump" method with canned tomato. Maybe search and find one you like. I use lots of fresh herbs from my pots too. Rosemary, oregano or winter savory are still available. I don't worry about authenticity :)

      2. Seitan works really well in the slow cooker. In fact, you can make seitan from scratch very easily in a slow cooker. Any Indian or Thai slow cooker curry recipe (especially those with coconut milk and/or yogurt) work really well just subbing the seitan for chicken. You can also do a seitan "pulled pork", too, by slow-cooking the seitan with barbecue sauce or something a bit fancier by slow cooking it with red wine and mushrooms.

        Tempeh chili or stroganoff are good slow-cooker meals, too. The tempeh will break down to a texture a lot like hamburger.

        Another dish I love and that would probably work well in a crock pot is a vegetable mafe', a rich Senegalese stew with cabbage, carrots, pumpkin and greens cooked in a peanut sauce.

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          +1 for chili. Only discovered tempeh recently but I generally do a veggie and black bean chili.

          I love to make curries as well although I prefer a regular pot to get some sear/browning.

        2. I make an African Peanut Stew that is a hit with family and guests. I changed a recipe and here is my version:

          1 potato, diced (can use sweet potato or regular, your preference)
          1 green pepper, diced
          1 1/2 tsp curry powder
          1 teaspoon cumin
          1/2 teaspoon garam masala
          sprinkle garlic powder
          1 14oz can diced roasted tomatoes not drained
          1 can light coconut milk
          2 C. vegetable broth
          1/2 cup red lentils

          Put all the above into the slow cooker and cook on low for several hours. The lentils will be so covered/gone your SO will not notice them.

          About 1 hour before you plan to eat add 1/2 cup rice and 1/2 cup peanut butter to dish and let cook until rice is soft.

          So yummy!

          Here is the original recipe:

          I have also made a lot of vegetarian slow cooker recipes from the Crockpot Lady. See her veggie recipes here:

          1. Hi cleo,
            I would love to try your coconut carrot lentil soup. Sounds great. Would you share the recipe?

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                Thank you!! I'll probably get it going in my crock first thing in the morning. Will look forward to trying the others mentioned here too.