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Dec 1, 2012 09:04 AM

Where to find good Italian cheese in Montreal

In town for a couple of days and thought the Brunello we bought at the SAQ would good well with Moliterno Black Truffle Pecorino- but we can't find this cheese any suggestions?

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  1. I don't know about this particular cheese, but La Baie des Fromages is probably the best place in Montreal for Italian cheeses.

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        Porker, I shopped for many years at La Baie des fromages/La Baia dei formaggi when I lived closer to Papineau - I go there less often now, but it is a lovely store. Travaglini is worth checking out, and I also want to point out that Milano's renovation has meant a qualitative improvement in its cheese department, including a little corner with shelves of huge cheeses that just smells of shops in Italy (in a good way) when you walk into it. I'm sure there are some other good places farther east in St-LĂ©onard.

        Ikant, I've never seen that cheese, even in Italy. Details?

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          The cheese has wonderful veins of black truffle paste throughout - we had it in Rome a short while ago. At Baie they had a truffle pecorino that was close enough to what we wanted. Thanks everyone for the assistance to a traveller in MTL and if you ever see the cheese in question enjoy it. More info

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            This cheese is included in Fromagerie Hamel's catalogue. And it appears that it was a "featured" cheese of the month for December 2009. Maybe they also have it at one of their locations.. Good to know la Baie des Fromages had something similar.

            One day I'll try it, looks so tempting. Thanks for the info!

      2. Don't know about this cheese too, but I would call Nicola Travaglini near Jean-Talon market. La Baie des Fromages is great too.

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          Thanks- if Baie do not have it - I have a PlanB

        2. The largest selection of Italian cheeses I have seen in Montreal is at Berchicci Importing 6205 Couture St St Leonard 514-325-2020. For all products of quality from Italy under one roof. Call first they should have it.This is a wholesaler that does a retail business as well.

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            Thanks for the info- this is fantastic.