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Dec 1, 2012 08:25 AM

Need ideas for Christmas Eve Dinner

Hi all.....I am having a Christmas Eve party at my home for about 15-20 family and friends and was thinking of just doing a "heavy appetizer" dinner but am having a hard time coming up with ideas of what to serve. People will be dropping in throughout the night so I don't want to do a traditional dinner. People have also offered to bring things but want ideas. Please help and thank you!

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  1. jello, here's a link to a discussion on the Food Board that might give you some ideas.

    1. Depending on your budget there are lots of prepare ahead foods that are safe to leave out. Beef tenderloin with a horseradish sauce sliced and little buns; pork tenderloin sliced with buns; Country Ham and buns; shrimp cocktail or marinated shrimp this needs to be over a tray of ice; pate; stuffed mushrooms, little quiche; cheese tray; fruit tray; beer cheese; marinated veggies; pickled asparagus; asparagus wrapped with proscuitto ; dips with veggies; furit cake and cookies.

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        I love the kind of stuff listed by Janet.

        I have a standard cocktail type spread I make that is always a hit. It involves things like good salami, cold roasted asparagus marinated in vinaigrette, marinated mushrooms and olives, prosciutto de Parma, melon (of course), various cheeses, some good bread, crackers, and fruit. It's so easy and always a hit.

        Also, suggestions depend on the types of foods you are okay with. Are you more the beef tenderloin with rolls and horseradish kind, or are things like spinach artichoke dip, tortilla roll-ups, and cheese balls okay with you (I personally love it all.)

      2. Xmas party last night:

        pulled pork quesedillas
        bbq chicken pizza
        roni pizza
        guac/salsa/dip with various chips and grilled toast
        proscutto/tomato/basil skewers
        various cheeses (trader joes) and smoked sausages brought by a friend
        chocolate fountain with several salty/sweet/fruit options for dipping
        arancini balls (last minute addition - bought at Trade Joes)

        everything was made night before/morning, last minute prep included melting chocolate, grilling off the quesedillas, cooking the pizza and arancini in the oven.


        1. A hit at every Xmas party I've brought it to.

          Boiled until "just tender" baby potatoes. (If you can't find really tiny baby potatoes, just slice larger ones thicker.) Halve & slice a TINY slice off the bottom of each to keep each half stable. Top each potato half with a small dollop of sour cream & a tiny dollop of red or black Lumpfish caviar (really inexpensive & found at ANY & ALL supermarkets). I like to line a big platter with greens & arrange the potatoes so that the red & black caviar-dotted potatoes resemble a checkerboard.

          I get requests for this every single year.

          1. Salmon mousse with cucumber sauce-easy, make ahead, mold fancy or common.