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Dec 1, 2012 08:27 AM

December 2012 adjunct thread: Other Nigella Lawson Recipes

This thread is for those who would like to share their experiences with all Nigella recipes other than from the current COTM "How to Eat" and former COTM "Forever Summer"

Lots of Nigella recipes online, too:

Here's a listing of her books per EYB:


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  1. That's great TDQ. I'll post this URL on the Non + Adjunct COTMs thread for referral...

    1. Thanks very much, Dairy Queen and Gio!

      1. Chocolate Pistachio Fudge, Nigella Express

        I make this every christmas since I bought the Nigella Express book. It tastes like a fudge but it's not a real fudge. In the sense that you don't need a thermometer to set it. It's a bit sticky at room temperature. (And that's fairly cold UK winter room temperature). You store this in the freezer, and it can be eaten straight out of the freezer too. It's really really simple and delicious. I'm looking forward to making a few batches again this year.

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          I was just stepping over here to report on this myself! I LOVE this fudge and make it almost every year around this time. I sub walnuts for the pistachios and it has to be the easiest holiday candy/cookie that I make. I get huge compliments on it. It is so easy that if it sounds at all good to you I highly recommend trying it. I use the recipe from Nigella Express (p. 338) which I assume is the same.

        2. A favorite (and one in fairly regular rotation around here) from Nigella Express is Italian Sausages in Hot Tomato Sauce with Polenta (p. 302). This is very easy with a few cheats (bottled pasta sauce, instant polenta) but who cares if you end up with a delicious, homey dinner?

          found a link to the recipe here: