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Dec 1, 2012 08:21 AM

Naruto Sushi - Van Dyke Rd, Sterling Hts. [DTW]

I never quite made it over to West Bloomfield's Korean owned sushi place, "Ninja.". They've now sold to someone else and opened a new place, Naruto, on the east side where there is less competition (my words, not their's).

I'm no expert, but my impression of DTW sushi places is that 30% are crap, 60% are perfectly fine for when you're craving sushi, and 10% are quite good for American big city sushi. No extensive data, just some samplings. Anyway, my first visit to Naruto put it solidly in the middle category. In the same league as Noble Fish in Clawson (adorable, but overrated, IMO).

The reason I am making a post is because they are running a 50% off on all their fancy $9 rolls during Mon-Sat eves all December. This will be a great deal! If you can't take the calories of those over-stuffed rolls, at least print off their 15% discount coupon from the website.

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