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Dec 1, 2012 07:49 AM

Where to find Mutsu crispiin apples

I was recently up in the Humbolt area and bought a few Mutsu crispin apples at a farmers market. Really liked them and would like to get some locally. Has anyone seen them at farmers markets or stores? Thanks

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  1. I thought Mutsu and Crispin were two different varieties of apple. It's probably too late in the year for most specialty apple vendors at farmers markets, so you best option is probably Berkeley Bowl. Be aware, though, that as the season is passing they may not be as good as the ones you bought fresh at a farmers market.

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      Billy Bob Organic Orchards out of Watsonville had Mutsus today at the Walnut Creek farmers' market. They also go to the Berkeley markets.

    2. Mutsu is a specific variety on its own, a hybrid between golden delicious and one from Nippon. they're sometimes sold at Rainbow Grocery in SF ; if they have 'em , organic most likely.

      1. DeVoto Gardents has had Mutsus in past years. Their website lists them as Mutsu (Crispin). Haven't been in an apple mood this season so not sure if they had/have them but they would be worth checking. They are at multiple markets - SF Ferry Plaza and Marin for sure.

        1. Thanks everyone. I have a list of places to choose from now.