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Dec 1, 2012 07:26 AM

Guapo in Yonkers

Tried Guapo Friday night and it was excellent. I made reservations the day before which is funny because when we arrived at Guapo there was not one person in the restaurant, we thought it was closed and almost didn't go in but the waiter opened the door and welcomed us. We were the only ones in the restaurant until about half way through our meal when another couple arrived. I talked to the waiter and he said it has been opened about 2 months and is owned by the people that own Zuppa which is right around the corner.We started with an order of tableside Guacamole it came already prepared in a molcajete and it was a really nice size easily feeds 4. Next we got 3 tacos Pollo, Al Pastor and Carnitas all very good the Al Pastor was amazing, they were prepared in 2 tortilla's served with Red & Green sauces. We had Quesadillas that were the best I ever had. My daughter ordered Sopes which she said were amazing very lite and tasty. Last before dessert we ordered 4 flautas Tiga Chicken, Steak, Queso Blanco and Potatoes with Cheese all were excellent. We had so many appetizers we did not have room for a main course which will we do when we go back. For dessert we got Crepes with Chocolate Bananas perfect end to this meal. I hope that this place builds a good following as the food is awesome and it is very reasonably priced our dinner check was $39 with out tip. On the downside no Liquor License yet only Wine and Sangria I really wanted a Margarita with my meal.

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  1. Glad to hear you enjoyed it, just bought a coupon 15 for$30 of food on living social and looking forward to trying it

    1. Lohud's Small Bites blog had a little piece on Guapo yesterday.

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