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DTW: HELP! FOR TONIGHT! Need great restaurant in Royal Oak with at least a few vegetarian options

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Hi all,

Dining out tonight with family. We are veg, they are not. We love any and all ethnic options. We just don't get down there very often. Reservations a plus, but not required as long as there won't be a two hour wait.



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  1. All the usual suspects-- Cafe Muse, Pizzeria Biga, What Crepe. If you want to drive a couple extra miles you could hit Ferndale's Blue Nile Ethiopian (yummy but dangerous AYCE), or Southfield's Sweet Lorraine's (better to find a coupon...).

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      Peking House, (near the Bus Station)

      I had dinner at Sweet Lorraine right after I went through my High School graduation.

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        I don't know any of these except Biga, and that's because I have visited their other location. I think we will go for Cafe Muse. It is great to know about all of these places!!

      2. Cafe Muse was terrific. Excellent recommendation!!