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Dec 1, 2012 06:51 AM

Restaurant Suggestions – UWS

Looking for a fabulous restaurant to celebrate our elopement next Friday night in December. Party of two seeking a dimly lit and cozy place (think candles-exposed brick), great cocktail/wine selection with Italian/Steak & Seafood style menu.

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  1. Marea in Columbus Circle is the obvious answer for me but it is not particularly small and brick-walled with candles.
    The closest I can come to your request on the UWS for small and intimate would be Telepan though I am not sure that a fine Italian restaurant would also specialize in steaks and seafood as well. This place is really none of those -- but romantic it is.
    Picholine is also another in the area that should be mentioned.
    Finally, not in the same league as the others, but decidedly brick-walled and romantic, is the tiny Paris-style French walk-down at 68th & Columbus called La Boite en Bois. Tables are close together but then this is that kind of charming atmosphere you are looking for. If you decide on this place, do not miss sharing their deadly apple cinnamon bread pudding. It is dense and spectacular.

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      Picholine is a winner, Lincoln Is a winner, Marea isn't romantic in a way, they don't like couples getting too cozy. The Modern is not far and is awesome.

      I would have to disagree on Boite en Bois... place is not cozy, it is cramped and it isn't all that good.

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        I'd opt for Lincoln. The food is Italian and delicious, and while it's not particularly romantic, it's über New York. Tell them the occasion when you make your reservation.

        1. For a place that's deeper into the Upper West Side (above 70th), I recommend Spiga. It's a really nice cozy Italian place on 84th near Columbus. I absolutely love the pumpkin gnocchi there, and the atmosphere is very romantic

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            +1 Spiga is quite romantic and private feeling

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              I checked out the website and this is exactly the type of place I am looking for! Thank you!

            2. I would recommend choosing another part of town for dining -- the grumpy bland restaurants of the UWS wouldn't be the way i'd want to celebrate a romantic future. I'd say dine downtown and take a cab back to the UWS if that's where you are staying.

              Also what is your budget for the meal?

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                Jean Georges, ask for a table in the alcove.

              2. Ouest is very good and very intimate ambiance. The menu is not Italian but there are steak, seafood and pasta dishes. Extremely good.