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Dec 1, 2012 06:39 AM

MC Kitchen (Miami Design District)

Outstanding first visit to MC Kitchen. The food was executed perfectly and the combinations were spot on and delicious. Chef Marino is clearly the real deal. She has a great touch when it comes to seasoning and balancing each dish.

Here is what I ate:
Oven roasted head on langostines- creamy polenta, serrano chili, garlic, basil,orange zest. flawless.

Artichoke Heart Bruschetta-farm poached egg, shaved truffles, creamy parmigiano fonduta. Knockout combination. So good I was only able to sneak in a bite (big)

Garganelli w/ delicious veal, venison & pork bolognese with porcini mushrooms. House made pasta was outstanding and cooked perfectly. The bolognese was packed with great flavor that complemented the pasta. spot on marriage between the two.

Roasted pear & cheese fiocchi- robiola, grana padano, ricotta, talleggio, white truffle cream. Another fantastic pasta and pairing.

You can see photos of these dishes here

This is great gourmet Italian food and a welcome addition to Miami.

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  1. Thanks, ChowPapi.....will make my way there soon! Always trust your opinions.....

    Ft. Pierce, FL

    1. Ditto. Also love how the room is warmed up now with flattering lighting and comfortable chairs. My faves: squash-filled burrata, the artichoke bruschetta, pear fiocchi and Meyer Lemon mashed potatoes.

      The wine list is probably one of the most thoughtful and well-considered in the city - had an amazing glass of grenache that tasted well above its $15 price tag.

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      1. re: allpurposedark

        Agree with you on the wine. Had a couple really nice BTG reds (Oregon pinot was money)

        Paid another visit yesterday and really enjoyed the broccoli raab and Italian sausage pizza. Dough had a real nice flavor and chew to it. Pizza had great overall balance.

        I also liked the cavatelli paired with a perfect tomato sauce (watch out Scarpetta) and basil spuma.

      2. I agree that the food is wonderful but the portions are ridiculously small - at least what we had.

        We all had pastas and while I think that many South Florida eateries serve obscenely large portions, ours were all appetizer size. When we all ordered pastas as mains (7 of us), our server should have mentioned the size. Had we been told that they were appetizer size, we would have ordered accordingly.

        We also ordered a spaghetti for two kids to share (2 + 5 years old) as we have often done. It was less then 3/4 cup - if that-for both. It wasn't just our table. When we left we heard some other diners complaining about the portions.

        As well, when we arrived, we were a few minutes ahead of the rest of our party but the hostess refused to seat us until the entire party was there. The rest of the restaurant was pretty empty as were were dining quite early (with kids). This is something they might do at the Cheesecake Factory but it's not OK for an establishment which charges what they do for so little food. Even just a little larger portion would have resulted in this place not leaving a bad taste.

        1. OMG! Such a great post. Just nabbed a reservation based on this post. I love langoustines. Question - Was there other local fare that out of towners should be aware of? We are coming from California.

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          1. re: MaxTartuffo

            Langoustines are not likely to be local in South Florida. If you want local crustaceans look for Key West pink shrimp or, much rarer, royal red shrimp from deep waters off the north coast of Florida or sometimes the Gulf of Mexico. From MC's online menu the local products would likely be the snapper, grouper, the rabbit in the ragout with the pumpkin tortelloni.

            Stone crab is the seafood product perhaps most commonly associated with South Florida. But blue crab is also common, and much less common, but even better, golden crab, which is a larger deep-water critter.

            Our seasons here are completely upside-down - the growing season begins in earnest in October-November and goes through March-April - so don't be surprised to find fresh local tomatoes and the like. Here in South Florida, it's the season for them.

            1. re: Frodnesor

              Extremely useful information. I've had stone and blue crab, but not golden. Am really intrigued about the shrimp you refer to. If you have time, Frodnesor, could you advise on best place to find those critters? Thanks.

              1. re: MaxTartuffo

                Golden crab and royal red shrimp are both still pretty unusual to find on restaurant menus. I think the most likely places you might spot them would be Altamare on Lincoln Road, Area 31 downtown, Florida Cookery in the James Hotel on Collins Avenue. Also maybe River Oyster Bar downtown.

                These are also some of the most likely places to find local fish: not only snapper, grouper and mahi, but other stuff like cobia, wahoo, hogfish, triggerfish, yellowjack, and so on. Michael's Genuine in the Design District also always has one or two local fish on the menu.

                1. re: MaxTartuffo

                  I had awesome royal reds recently at the Edge Steak & Bar (Four Seasons) and Chef Brooks recently advised a couple of weeks ago that they were back. That may have been a daily special though. Worth looking into though

                  Aaron Brooks ‏@BrooksChef
                  @TheChowfather they're baaack ... Royal reds. Squash blossoms. Tarragon. Kumquats @EdgeMiami


                  1. re: The Chowfather

                    Yes, I was going to suggest Edge for Royal Reds. Also, I know Michael's had them recently for a dish but not sure if they are still featuring.