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Dec 1, 2012 06:25 AM

Dessert in theater district?


We are going to the nutcracker on xmas eve afternoon. We'd like to go out for dessert after. The obvious choice is Finale, but I have never liked anything there, think it's mediocre and overpriced. Any suggestions for an alternative in the area?

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  1. This was our dilemma a few years ago. We walked in to Finale, checked out the menu, and walked out. We went to Maggiano's. The profiteroles were lovely. I can't recall what other had, but we were all very happy.

    1. I like the deserts at Bistro du Midi which is only a few steps beyond Finale. But I think what would be really nice for Christmas eve would be the Bristol Lounge at the Four Seasons (even closer). They have a cake called "Let's Split It" that was really good. It is huge though so depending on how many people you have you might have to take it home ($24 I think but feeds up to six). I was just there celebrating a birthday and it was a huge hit with everyone. The setting is nice too because you can sit at a table or in lounge seating, whatever works best for you. I have a couple pictures of the cake from the other day.

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        kid friendly? and do you need reservations?

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          There were small kids at night when I went. I was celebrating a birthday for an 18 year old and that went well. I would recommend reservations or at least calling but we just walked in without a problem at 8:30 or 9:00 on a Saturday. Not really a good comparison to when you are looking to go though.

      2. The Bristol lounge seems to go with the nutcracker. If you want something different try Chinatown. There are a few coffee and pastry shops there. Not the pizzaz of Bristol or Mike's but good.

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          Eldo Cake House in Chinatown might be a treat and sufficiently different to be worth a few block walk. The Bristol is great and an elegant treat of a different kind. I know there are several good cafes on Charles Street and several in the North End (Sporto and Paradiso come to mind) but while neither of these destinations are far, if you're not a walker they may require you to move your car. Abbey Lane on Tremont near the Emerson has a limited but ok selection of deserts and drinks and is reasonable.

        2. My suggestion would be the Bristol Lounge at the Four Seasons. After the Nutcracker it will be a great place to continue the festivities but be sure to make a reservation and if you enjoy decadent chocolate cake don't miss the "Let's Split It". It will easily feed four to five people and I'm sure the kids will love not only the taste but also the presentation. OF course they also have a wide variety of other choices plus tea, coffees and adult beverages.

          1. Bristol lounge is booked. any similar suggestions? would rather not do a chinatown bakery. would like to make it more special occasion.

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