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Dec 1, 2012 12:56 AM

Non-banquet hall style dim sum

Hi, was wondering if anybody knew of some good, fairly small/cozy places for dim sum. Usually go to good choice on Fraser and looking for something similar, though maybe with a slightly different menu

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  1. Lucky Tao in Richmond?

    1. Jade Dynasty, or Kam Wah Dim Sum, both on E. Pender (Chinatown).

      The Roc recently moved again from Cambie/Marine Dr. to 41 Ave/Main.

      Golden Harvest, Main and 31 Ave.

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      1. re: LotusRapper

        Scratch Golden Harvest ..... prolly not cozy/small 'nuff for the OP.

      2. My family frequents Cindy's Palace (the folks who used to run Golden Phoenix). The dim sum is solid (not necessarily exemplary - but decent enough. They have a loyal following in this neighbourhood).