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Dec 1, 2012 12:40 AM

Pub Republic - Petaluma

Went there with two friends tonight and it was full with 5-6 parties waiting for tables. It's still in the honeymoon phase so you may want to try mid week. It's pub grub, nothing fancy, but they didn't miss with any of our orders. Good sweet potato fries, not greasy or limp, are a rarity. Pub Republic does them right with a good chipotle sauce to dip. The burger was well cooked. Good selection of micros on tap, and pretty efficient servers. A sports bar basically with better food. Enjoyed it, will return.

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    1. The pretzels can be good, but they're not always consistent.
      When they're done right, they're pretty tasty.

      Otherwise you'd be better off at the chain at the local mall.

      As I mentioned in another post, the BBQ shrimp are great. Probably the best dish I've had on the menu.

      Avoid the chicken tortilla soup at all costs. No texture. Kind of like a red pepper puree with tiny bits of chicken and nothing else.

      When we learned the chef was from New Orleans, the menu items made sense. Great NOLA style shrimp, horrible "Mexican" food.