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Nov 30, 2012 11:56 PM

December 2012 COTM: How To Eat -- Weekend Lunch; Dinner

Post here for these dishes:

Weekend Lunch 199 - 294
Dinner 300 - 362

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  1. Chicken Liver Crostini p. 300

    Saute chopped celery, garlic, shallots and parsley until soft. Add chopped chicken livers (previously soaked in milk and dried), stir in tomato puree (paste is what I used) and Marsala. Pulse in processor with anchovies and capers. Return to pan with butter and cook for a few minutes.

    This was a hit for me. My husband doesn’t care for liver...more for me! I found it be rich, flavorful, umami-laden...mmmm. It’s something I will definitely make again.

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    1. re: BigSal

      Good to read your report, Sal. It's on my To Do list.

      1. re: Gio

        I hope you enjoy it as much as I did.

        1. re: BigSal

          I love livers but mr lilham hates it. Do you think the mixture will freeze well?

          1. re: lilham

            I don't see why not, althought I did not freeze it myself. Just snacked on it for several days, but nomadchowwoman indicated successfully freezing another liver crositini dish last month.

            1. re: BigSal

              Forgive my asking, but this is a lot of crostini! Did you have a party or do you just do a crostini a day or something?


              1. re: The Dairy Queen

                No party, but we did have crostini for dinner for a couple days (think tapas) instead of a traditional meal. Also, I did not make the whole amount of all of the crostini recipes.

              2. re: BigSal

                Yes, I've never had a problem freezing chicken liver spreads/pates. I do it often.

              3. re: lilham

                I have the exact same issue here lilham, mr bc isn't a liver-lover!! Pity we aren't neighbours!! ; - )

                1. re: lilham

                  I haven't made this recipe, but have made other chicken liver pates and they have all frozen fairly well.

          2. Roast Pepper with Green Olive Paste Crostini p. 302

            I was surprised by how much I enjoyed this crostini. I made my own green olive paste (picholine olives, olive oil, anchovies, garlic and lemon juice). Spread the paste on the crostini and top with roasted red pepper (I used piquillo peppers).

            1. Pea and Garlic Crostini p. 301

              Puree peas, roasted garlic, butter and parmesan. Sprinkle with mint. Quick and tasty.

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              1. re: BigSal

                Pea and Garlic Crostini, p. 301
                This is my first from the book, new vinyl being installed in the kitchen is hampering COTM recipe auditions just now.
                For ingredients, BigSal said it all -- I made half a recipe and used my hand blender to puree.
                Having already roasted garlic on hand would be a good idea. I didn't have mint, and think I'd prefer a little more parmesan as a garnish anyway.
                (The bright green are the crostini, the sweet little pastel squares are my new floor.)
                NL suggests cutting bread into 1/4 to 1/2 inch thick slices, dabbing with nice olive oil, and toasting a little in the oven. Mr. blue room thinks "baguette" translates as "big fat" loaf -- I had a full size French bread to use for the crostini, but it all came out well. Recommended, but you'd probably want to make a variety, like BigSal has done, not just this vegetable spread.

                1. re: blue room

                  Lovely! I think the mint is a must- it really makes it pop (I tried a taste before realizing I had forgotten the mint). Also, even though frozen peas work just fine, I think they'd be even better with fresh peas from the market.

              2. Gorgonzola with Mascarpone and Marsala Crostini p. 302

                Crumbled gorgonzola (we used piquant) and mascarpone are mashed together. Add grated nutmeg and marsala. Done. I really enjoyed the addition of nutmeg in this creamy crostini.


                1. Lentil and Black Olive Crostini p. 303

                  Process cooked puy lentils with a black olive tapenade (I made a tapenade with kalamata, garlic, olive oil and anchovies). Add reserved lentil cooking liquid to make a spreadable paste and add cognac. Top with diced cherry tomatoes (I did not peel them) and parsley.

                  This was just ok, but would try again. The taste of the tapenade did not come through as much as I would have liked (this could have been because of my home-made tapenade). I would use more tapenade next time.