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Nov 30, 2012 09:24 PM

Upscale in Downtown Milwaukee

Traveling with adult son allergic to sesame seeds and tree nuts. Suggest upscale restaurants downtown where as much as possible is made from scratch. Ethnic like Asian or Indian are usually not an option. Italian works well, as do steakhouses or New American. Need 3 dinners.

What are the local supermarket chains. Would like to pick up Boars Head or Applegate turkey and bottled water. Will have a rental car.

Any delis you can suggest.

Thanks Milwaukeeians.

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  1. The best upscale restaurants in Milwaukee are a bit spread out, including some nearby neighborhoods that are within walking distance of downtown.

    The Lower East Side is about 3/4 mile northeast of downtown; there, you'll find Sanford, widely regarded as Milwaukee's best restaurant (and one of the best in the Midwest). Truly outstanding.

    About two miles northeast of Sanford - take the car - is Bartolotta's Lake Park Bistro, another that's widely regarded as among Milwaukee's very best (and the only one of these I haven't been to in my visits to Milwaukee).

    The historic Third Ward is just a few blocks southeast of downtown. There, I recommend Hinterland, an upscale restaurant (don't be fooled by the gastropub appearance at the entrance, it's truly upscale in the dining room).

    Envoy is in the art deco Ambassador Hotel about a mile and a half west of downtown (you'll go right through the Marquette campus getting there); the cuisine is excellent and they also do a terrific Sunday brunch.

    About a mile south of downtown is the neighborhood called Walker's Point, where you'll find Crazy Water. It seems casual and barlike but don't be fooled, they have an excellent kitchen with true creativity (yes, and food from scratch).

    There's a supermarket chain called Sendik's that carries Boar's Head meats and has ten locations in the suburbs. And you can probably find Applegate meats at Whole Foods. Hopefully one of the locals can provide additional info about supermarket chains and delis. (But if you mean Jewish-style delis, and I'm guessing from your username you're from New York City, I would suggest doing something different, rather than what your home town does so well.)