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Nov 30, 2012 08:54 PM

Chocolate Bacon

I went to the Christmas Market down at the Distillery District tonight and there was a stall called "Bacon Candy". Since I'd bought food at just about every food stand I'd walked past, I decided to wait and come back but by the time I did, they were closed!!!! T_T Has anyone tried anything from them? Is the chocolate bacon any good? What about the bacon bark?

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  1. Well, I would say you were lucky!

    My friends had it I think 2 years ago at the Christmas market. They thought it was nasty... The bacon wasn't crisp enough, it was over priced (basically just lightly fried bacon dipped in chocolate) and it didn't taste good (i.e. not even sure on the quality of the bacon or chocolate). In the end they tossed it (and it wasn't a big portion). I saw other bacon in the garbage or left around as well. Hopefully they improved it since then but based on that experience the place is on my "don't try" list unless someone tells me otherwise. They didn't try the bacon bark though.

    Do you have other highlights from the Christmas market? I am going in 2 weeks.

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      I think the highlight would have been in a store called Crescendo. They sell flavour infused oils and vinegars. You can try before you buy and mix in any combination that you like. They also have spices that you can add to the mix. The sample on the table with crackers for dipping was very flavourful. If you're there, definitely give them a try.

      I found an article about it.

      1. re: normanwolf

        Oh yeah, I remember seeing that last time I was in the area but it was closed. I was looking through the windows and thinking "wow, that looks great". Thanks for the reminder, will definitely check it out.

      2. re: ylsf

        We went today. I was surprised how much of the Xmas market is stalls selling ready made food ie/ not Xmas food or gifts to take home. We were there for a play but did get sucked in. The apple fritters were great but (I think) horribly overpriced at $2.50 for a fritter which is really a half. My confusion stems from hubby doing the ordering and what we got being 3 half pieces and one whole not cut in half. Just odd, but delicious, especially in the cold.
        You're probably smarter than me and will avoid the Oktoberfest sausage on a dry bun with cold sad sauerkraut and packaged condiments, or the supposed Nathan's hot dogs which the woman serving would not in the end commit to saying were all-beef despite the sign. I mean I understand not wanting to be responsible for a stranger's accidental pork ingestion but when you're advertising a brand name and saying they're all-beef, you should know or be able to check the package.

        1. re: julesrules

          I had the poutine. The cheese curds tasted like they came out of the effect of the stand being outdoors in winter more than likely.... Also overpriced IMO.

          1. re: normanwolf

            That was a problem with the sausage buns too. For the hefty $6 they should have been warmed on the grill.