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Nov 30, 2012 08:35 PM

Looking for good dining in SF

We'll be visiting SF off and on for awhile due to medical issues, and are looking for recommendations for enjoyable dining. We'd like to try a sampling of cuisines. We'll be hanging out in the UCSF medical complex area, but since we have to drive to get there anyway, we have transportation. Our tastes are pretty varied... We'd like to know what and where to find good Chinese, Japanese/sushi, Indian, Thai, and a good seafood place. I'm not looking for Michelin stars, just honest, clean, good food. Could someone please direct me to a fish monger there as well? The idea of stocking up on goodies in the city appeals to me greatly as well! Thanks!!

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  1. There are lots of options only a couple blocks away at Ninth and Irving, the heart of the Inner Sunset. For comfort food, I would go to Arizmendi or Hotei. For some of the best in SF, San Tung or Nopalito. Head East to Cole Valley and try The Ice Cream Bar for fun. I also recommend driving out Judah to the Outer Sunset for a smoothies at Judahlicious or lunch or brunch at Outerlands.

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      If you've never had the experience, you must try dim sum at Yank Sing at Rincon Center.
      It's a miasma of noise but fascinating all the same.

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        Are you speaking about Yank Sing in particular? I don't find Yank Sing to be any more fascinating than a typical dim sum restaurant, and certainly not any noisier. It's mostly known for being high quality and commensurately expensive.

        Since the visitor is going to be on the other side of town, I'd suggest Hong Kong Lounge for dim sum.

        1. re: Ruth Lafler

          Yank Sing is top quality and consistent. It's the most expensive dim sum in town (at least until Monday), but $20 a head if you order right.

          1. re: Robert Lauriston

            You're the only person I know who gets out of Yank Sing for $20/head. A novice would be lucky to do so.

      1. I'm not terribly up on that side of town, but ... it's a great place to eat. Between the students and the docs, lots going on. "honest clean tasty not too fancy" is what that part of town is all about. You'll actually need to narrow your question to get specific responses.

        Fish: There's still an andronico's out there, which is like a toned-down whole foods, I miss my local andronico's. Good for local fish. Not cheap.

        For fish restaurants, a straightforward choice is Pacific Catch. Get what's fresh in the simplest prep.

        The most recent place I've been to is Social Kitchen. Solid "californian" food without too much fuss or fanfare, but a little side of hipster thrown in. We loved the sausage. Housemade beers that are OK but not great.

        Lots of great japanese out there. Koo is one of the well known sushi places (pricy though), Ebisu (and its sister ramen/noodle place across the street Hotai) were great in the 90's and still can lay down a straightforward meal - I still like the homey atmosphere but the lines get long and it's not worth a line, although the fish on a friday night can rock. They say good things about Sozai but I haven't been.

        Also search the clement street area. Cut across the park and you've got one of the richest chinese / japanese / russian food mines in the city, straight up local places.

        1. Thanks for the advice! Today is our first trip back. We're staying on Lombard this time...won't get there until late afternoon, staying over. Our appt. is late, and the weather is sketchy. Pacific Catch sounds like a great place to do a little shopping before heading back inland tomorrow.