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Nov 30, 2012 07:23 PM

passage 53 or jf piege for lunch?

Somehow I have only been able to get a reservation for both on the same day - will only be in Paris 4 days , 2 days are week ends.

Hints - I adore Le Cinq, have had great to just good experiences at L'ami J, enjoyed Ledoyen. I enjoy fish more than meat (if that matters), well except for foie gras. Not a drinker so wine list(or paring) isn't relevant

Any advice is appreciated

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  1. Really? No opinions?

    1. I've not been to JF Pi├Ęge (only his brasserie).

      I find the location of Passage 53 very fun and lively (inside a covered passage), and it makes lunch more fun than being on a second floor of a building.

      The food was very good and quite "light" even with the long set menu (2 years ago); and found the prices reasonable.


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      1. re: Maximilien

        I think you are stretching most of us.
        I agree with Max, and have eaten several times at Passage 53 and Piege's food elsewhere but not here.
        Expand your horizon, try the new guys. More fun.

      2. I've only been to P53, but many times, since it's one of my favorites.

        1. Both are on my list as restaurants in the "new classic" space.

          Whilst they may not be the new punks on the block (as John comments) they do seem to be stayers and thus worth checking out. My interest in 53 was sparked by the reviews on this board, but JFP has had very little commentary here (one review IIRC) and so not certain there is enough experience on the board to draw a distinction - maybe because its price point and that it is a notoriously difficult reservation.

          Steve Plotnicki on his Opinionated about dining blog has a very recent review of JFP and he gives it a "Recommended++" - I tend to share Steve's taste and thus would trust his view.