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Nov 30, 2012 06:54 PM

How long will cauliflower keep in fridge?

It got to be a fixture, like the baking soda box. Seriously, it's been at least a month... how to test ...keep or toss?

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  1. If it hasn't turned black, smelling rotted or started molding, it's stilll good to eat. If you're not going to eat it now, it's best to cut it into florets, blanch and freeze for later. It would be a shame to let it go bad after you've had it this long and it's still good

    1. It's a pretty sturdy veg, I've kept some for 2 wks. If the color is still whitish, it may be good. Best way to tell is to cut it, wash it and cook.

      1. just cooked off 2 heads that were a month old or so and they are fine. i don't open my fridge all that much though, lol.

        1. Discolouration is the usual sign that all is no longer well - you'll notice the black spots. If you catch it with only a few, then cut them off and eat the rest.

          1. I'm in Cherylptw's camp. If cauliflower has SMALL "imperfections"... just cut off... it'll be fine!