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Nov 30, 2012 05:44 PM

seeking *not* kid-friendly, with atmosphere!

Getting ready for my twice/year special meal out withOUT the kids ... looking for something in DC (downtown/ capitol hill/ h street) or Alexandria that is dark, or otherwise has an interesting atmosphere! .Need not be super-fancy, more just memorable and different or romantic, and not kid-friendly!

Granville Moore's on H would be the perfect combination of atmosphere and neat neighborhood but they don't really have entree's as far as I can see. Basically I want Granville Moore's vibe but with entrees!

Does Atlas Room fit the bill? Birch and Barley? Cuisine-wise, american, french, belgian, middle eastern, ethiopian would all be good. Flexible about price, really just want that special feeling, anywhere in D.C south of DuPont, or Old Town Alexandria.

Thanks in advance!

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  1. Restaurant Eve in Alexandria - but check to see if they still serve the regular bistro menu. There was a rumpr floating around that the entire bistro is going to prix fixe.

    Still a very adult place that has a kind of hidden, secret feeling to it.

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      1. Cork. Seki. Little Serow, especially. And Proof, where I just had a really spectacular meal.

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        1. re: Marty L.

          Thanks - I checked out the website for Cork, and it says it's a "market" with food ... just want to be sure I understand, is there a sit-down dining room?

          Little Serow sounds like an incredible find! I forgot to mention my dining partner does not eat meat (only fish) so it wouldn't work for her, but I am DEFINITELY going to take my dad there sometime.

          1. re: mstrimel

            Cork Market is distinct from (across the street and down the block) the restaurant.

            If seafood/vegetables is your metric, definitely check out Seki -- and sit at the bar if you can. Plenty such options at Proof, too.

          2. re: Marty L.

            I second Proof. Great choice for this.

            1. re: Steve

              Yes, Proof is so dark you need a flashlight to read the menu (which, IIRC, they will provide ...). Great food, great wine, not too loud, a lovely place ...

          3. I really like Atlas Room, and it is not a "kid-friendly" place, but I wouldn't really say it has "atmosphere".

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            1. Vermilion in Old Town.