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seeking *not* kid-friendly, with atmosphere!

Getting ready for my twice/year special meal out withOUT the kids ... looking for something in DC (downtown/ capitol hill/ h street) or Alexandria that is dark, or otherwise has an interesting atmosphere! .Need not be super-fancy, more just memorable and different or romantic, and not kid-friendly!

Granville Moore's on H would be the perfect combination of atmosphere and neat neighborhood but they don't really have entree's as far as I can see. Basically I want Granville Moore's vibe but with entrees!

Does Atlas Room fit the bill? Birch and Barley? Cuisine-wise, american, french, belgian, middle eastern, ethiopian would all be good. Flexible about price, really just want that special feeling, anywhere in D.C south of DuPont, or Old Town Alexandria.

Thanks in advance!

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  1. Restaurant Eve in Alexandria - but check to see if they still serve the regular bistro menu. There was a rumpr floating around that the entire bistro is going to prix fixe.

    Still a very adult place that has a kind of hidden, secret feeling to it.

    1. Cork. Seki. Little Serow, especially. And Proof, where I just had a really spectacular meal.

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        Thanks - I checked out the website for Cork, and it says it's a "market" with food ... just want to be sure I understand, is there a sit-down dining room?

        Little Serow sounds like an incredible find! I forgot to mention my dining partner does not eat meat (only fish) so it wouldn't work for her, but I am DEFINITELY going to take my dad there sometime.

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          Cork Market is distinct from (across the street and down the block) the restaurant.

          If seafood/vegetables is your metric, definitely check out Seki -- and sit at the bar if you can. Plenty such options at Proof, too.

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          I second Proof. Great choice for this.

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            Yes, Proof is so dark you need a flashlight to read the menu (which, IIRC, they will provide ...). Great food, great wine, not too loud, a lovely place ...

        3. I really like Atlas Room, and it is not a "kid-friendly" place, but I wouldn't really say it has "atmosphere".

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          1. Vermilion in Old Town.

            1. What exactly do you mean Granville Moore's doesn't have entrees? Do you mean options besides mussels? Their mussels (and frites!!!) are probably the best in the city and no way are you going to find kids there, so it's kind of the perfect spot.

              Other places to consider: Etete, Lincoln, or Estadio

              1. Perhaps too "super fancy" but where we go for big deal meals: 1789 in G'Town; Marcel's on Penn Ave NW. We were at 1789 within the past few months and thought the food was excellent.

                La Chaumiere on M Street in G'Town is very good if you want a very traditional French menu -- one essentially unchaged from the 1970s. We take friends from out of town on a regular basis, and have yet to get a complaint. (Our own quibble is that the two tops are close together, so you may as well strike up a conversation with your neighbors. The four tops are better for privacy.)

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                  I loved 1789 for many years, but the last time we went it failed miserably on food and service. I don't think we'll return, which is kind of sad.

                2. Plume is quite elegant in DC.

                  Art and Soul is fun, near Union Station,

                  Bastille in Alexandria has great wine pairing menu.