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Nov 30, 2012 04:21 PM

New Market Basket in Westford

Greetings All -

We're big fans of Market Baskets, and wondering if anyone has any scoop on the new MB opening in Westford.
Any idea if the new Westford store is going to have features/departments similar to the Burlington store, with perhaps easier parking? I swear, trying to maneuver around the Burlington parking lot can be, shall we say, challenging?
Department/Feature wise, hoping for wider aisles, and maybe, better overall experience. We like the old store in Westford, but seems a bit dated.
New spot opening Dec. 2nd according to the latest flyer. Seems as though MB is keeping the old Westford store open for now, but can't believe that location will stick around for long.



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  1. Burlington? Ha! Try hitting the Somerville parking lot Thanksgiving week!

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    1. re: Jenny Ondioline

      ha ha ha. try any saturday or sunday in Somerville. sunday is worse. we live close by so have started going several times a week and hitting the express lane...which doesn't always work, especially when three people (often including an infant) are "sharing" a cart and have at least 50 items......

      still, I have to say the patrons are serious, focused, and much more polite than my usual experience at any Whole are the checkers. I just wish the politeness extended to the parking lot.

    2. We just drove by it tonight. Looked really ready to open! Cant wait.

      1. I don't know about that particular location, but I'm a convert. I travel 35 miles round trip at least once per week to shop at the newish Bourne location. Wide aisles. Clean everywhere. Great selection and quality. Happy and helpful employees. As a bonus it's at least 40% less than Stop and Shop.

        Enjoy it.

        1. What's the ETA on the Waltham location? I'm not sure they've even started construction on that one.

          I suspect it's going to be a zoo, being right off 128 and all.

          1. I stopped going to the new Burlington store due to the number of customers that it attracts. Wide isles mean nothing to me if they are so packed that you can't put your cart anywhere without being in the way of someone. Much better experience at the two stores up route 3A imo even prime time on Sundays. Bonus is that I pass by Sichuan Gourmet to get to them.