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New Market Basket in Westford

Greetings All -

We're big fans of Market Baskets, and wondering if anyone has any scoop on the new MB opening in Westford.
Any idea if the new Westford store is going to have features/departments similar to the Burlington store, with perhaps easier parking? I swear, trying to maneuver around the Burlington parking lot can be, shall we say, challenging?
Department/Feature wise, hoping for wider aisles, and maybe, better overall experience. We like the old store in Westford, but seems a bit dated.
New spot opening Dec. 2nd according to the latest flyer. Seems as though MB is keeping the old Westford store open for now, but can't believe that location will stick around for long.



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  1. Burlington? Ha! Try hitting the Somerville parking lot Thanksgiving week!

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      ha ha ha. try any saturday or sunday in Somerville. sunday is worse. we live close by so have started going several times a week and hitting the express lane...which doesn't always work, especially when three people (often including an infant) are "sharing" a cart and have at least 50 items......

      still, I have to say the patrons are serious, focused, and much more polite than my usual experience at any Whole Foods.....as are the checkers. I just wish the politeness extended to the parking lot.

    2. We just drove by it tonight. Looked really ready to open! Cant wait.

      1. I don't know about that particular location, but I'm a convert. I travel 35 miles round trip at least once per week to shop at the newish Bourne location. Wide aisles. Clean everywhere. Great selection and quality. Happy and helpful employees. As a bonus it's at least 40% less than Stop and Shop.

        Enjoy it.

        1. What's the ETA on the Waltham location? I'm not sure they've even started construction on that one.

          I suspect it's going to be a zoo, being right off 128 and all.

          1. I stopped going to the new Burlington store due to the number of customers that it attracts. Wide isles mean nothing to me if they are so packed that you can't put your cart anywhere without being in the way of someone. Much better experience at the two stores up route 3A imo even prime time on Sundays. Bonus is that I pass by Sichuan Gourmet to get to them.

            1. I went to the new Westford store this AM. Never seen so many employees and manager types in suits. There were at least 5 employees per aisle! Its your basic market basket. Deli and fish area larger than the old Westford store. Full bakery which the old store didnt have. Hot food area with wings/pizza/etc.. Cafe area with stuff like pretzels and coffee. Very large meat dept with a special meat counter with fancier cuts. The old store is supposed to stay open as well.
              There were a ton of free samples today and free reusable shopping bags. Also many good deals/coupons like $1 Kelloggs cereals, Chipsahoy and ritz. Also got free container of broth and free salad

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                Is it really any different from the renovated MB in Chelmsford?

                1. re: Dinsdale45

                  Its actually very similar to the Chelmsford location but I think roomier and more sensible layout. I was going to by pass it on Sunday (opening day) thinking it would be a zoo but as hargau said, more workers than customers. It was an enjoyable experience, the free stuff helped a lot with that but also, when I walked up to the deli counter at 8:15 am, there was NO WAIT (never before in my MB experience!!) and 3 people sliced my order. I had a young man take my 2nd cart out to my car and chatting on the way, he said, "I don;t think its as busy as they thougth it would be" once at my car, another young man came over and helped load. It was a very pleasant experience and I am happy that Westford finally has an option.

              2. I happened to find an old thread the other day on the pluses and minuses of MB when I came over a post that said the following..."One weakness of Burlington location is the layout of the store .......... Frozen section is weirdly at the traditionally first place you shop - near the produce so things tend to melt by the time we get home. And canned goods are where the frozen section should be, so the cans end up squashing other items in a full cart like the bread that is near the produce."

                I thought the same thing on my very first visit, until I realized I was shopping the store BACKWARDS! Unlike most stores where the produce comes first, MB has it last which makes more sense (at least my local store does). I had a good chuckle that the poster in the old thread hadn't figured that out.


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                1. re: CapeCodGuy

                  The one thing that drives me nuts about most MB layouts, even newer ones, is that the entrances funnel you right through the cash register area, which when its busy makes it hard to get into the store. Whereas at Shaws and S&S, the entrance puts you on either side of the check out area.

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                    Yet their older stores in the area are laid out the opposite. In their older stores dairy is to the right as you walk in, and produce on the left (with the freezer section next to it). The only thing backwards here is the layout of the new burlington store, but glad you had a good chuckle at my disposal.

                    1. re: LStaff

                      Sorry if I offended! Not my intention. I only have experience with my new local store so I have no comparison. And it's as you describe the older stores with dairy starting on the right and ending with produce and frozen on the left. As i am so used to starting out with produce at other supermarkets, that's how I shopped it the first time until it was obvious I was swimming against the tide. Now it seems more natural to start on the right and get dairy first, then canned goods, then proteins, then bread, veggies, and frozen. Last stop is the hot/prepared food area on the left. Makes sense.

                      I would assume then in the Burlington store that their intention is for people to start out in the left at dairy and finish at the right in produce and frozen, no?

                      1. re: CapeCodGuy

                        The Brockton MB has the exact same layout. I never thought much of it until, for some reason, one day it dawned on me that most supermarkets are laid out the other way around, and MB's reason not to follow it is...? For kicks I decided to start in Produce and work my way to Dairy. Three quarters of the way through I realized I needed something in Frozen, which meant running across the store and back. A-HA!

                  2. Greeting All -
                    Went for our first visit to the new store in Westford today, and must say was a far more enjoyable experience overall than the Burlington madhouse. An extra 5 minute drive for us, but worth it.

                    Parking is OK; somewhat convoluted in my opinion, but the entire store experience was great.

                    Nice to have the Bakery and prepared food sections, and the layout makes much more sense as mentioned in earlier posts.

                    Well done Demoulas, we'll be regular visitors.