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Nov 30, 2012 02:48 PM

Italian for Christmas Eve in Ft Lauderdale

I had a really great time a couple of Xmas Eve's ago back at Casa D'Angelo but the family is trying to keep the budget down a bit this year so I was looking for a suitable back up plan. I noticed a place called Solita had a feast of seven fishes that intrigued me. Anyone had any experiences with that? Cafe Vico also is an option. Ideas?

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  1. Solita is absolutely amazing. However it is not dramatically cheaper than Casa D'Angelo. Timpano on Las Olas is very good as well. If you want a good dinner moderately priced you could go to Il Mulino on Sunrise Blvd.

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      Solita sounds good, but I just read about DJ's and comments about it being loud, my family will hate it if that's the case. I went to La Dolce Vita last time I was in town, friendly place but I wasn't blown away, now the fam wants to go back just because it was affordable., I'll check out Timpano and Il Mulino, thanks.

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          Sette Bello looks like a good alternative as well. What's the vibe at Timpano? Is it warm and charming, the website looked a bit sterile/chainish otherwise it seemed like a good option too. I'm afraid Solita will be too loud and clubby for my crew so I'm crossing that off my list. thanks!

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            I second Il Mulino. Excellent, moderately priced neighborhood Italian. Pastas are great as are the free (I think?) garlic rolls. I love their Italian dressing. This place is priced like a neighborhood Italian; but the food, ambiance and decor (somewhat recently remodeled) are nicer than that. Seems like a perfect place for a family dinner.

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              I just had dinner at Sette Bello and the food was exquisite!! It would be a terrific choice for Christmas Eve and while I love Timpano the vibe is usually loud with a big bar scene so if a nice quiet ambiance is what you are looking for this is not the place to go for that night.

              1. re: DolceFarNiente

                DolceFarNiente is right, Timpano does has live music w/ an upbeat crowd. However, the mussels are amazing!!!! I send people here all the time and they rave about the mussels. Next time, hit Timpano or Solita. Thanks for the recommendation for Sette Bello, I have never been there.

                1. re: travelinggirl

                  No question the mussels are their signature dish however, since the new management took over sad to say they have cut some corners and the food isn't what it used to be!!

                  1. re: DolceFarNiente

                    Chef Franco at Sette Bello just told me that they are doing their traditional Italian Christmas Eve Feast of the Seven Fishes!!

                    1. re: DolceFarNiente

                      I just received this announcement for Sette Bello's Christmas Eve for anyone who is interested.


      1. Don't forget about Primavera on Oakland Park Blvd. Moderately priced very good Northern Italian.