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Nov 30, 2012 02:10 PM

Saturday Brunch/Lunch and Theater for Special Occaision

We have ticktes to a 2Pm show on Saturday, Dec. 8. We'll be arriving at Penn Sation and looking to do something that's either on the way or near to the theater.

Are there any places that do Saturday brunch that might be in the neighborhood? Or alternatively, a really nice lunch place? This is a special occasion so looking for a very nice ambiance, well prepared and served food, and a place where you can linger a bit.

As it's lunch and not dinner higher end places are fine. American, French, Spanish, Italian, other. Perfer no Asian.

As we will need to be time sensitive, places where they take reservations would be nice.


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  1. Where is your theater? What time are you arriving at Penn Station? Some ideas:

    La Grenouille
    Jean Georges
    The Modern Bar Room
    DB Bistro Moderne

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      Sorry should have given more detail. We're going to the New Amsterdam theater. The train arrives at 11:45 so we're looking for a noon reservation. We'd prefer more of a brunch approach as opposed to just lunch as we won't have eaten prior to arriving. A couple of places I looked at were DB Bistro, CAVA, Glass House Tavern. Any comments on those, or other suggestions?

      I had checked the Modern, but htey are booked and both La Grenouille and Jean Georges are a bit far and they only do lunch.

      Thanks again for suggestions.