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Nov 30, 2012 01:59 PM

Monday Birthday Lunch After Barnes Museum

This Monday, I'm taking a good friend visiting from out of town for birthday lunch and would love opinion on best place walking distance from Barnes. Fountain at Four Seasons is closed for a private event, but I'd love a place with excellent food (with good salad/vegetable options) and also wine (I don't want to bring a bottle with me to the Barnes Museum!). Vernick not open for lunch, Matyson is BYOB, not sure Branzino is nice enough, not sure Rouge has good enough food. What do you think? Rouge, LaCroix (too stuffy? not good enough food?), Butcher and Singer (beautiful setting, but just ok food), Tria (maybe too casual). Don't like A. Kitchen and I suppose I could drive somewhere after the museum (Garces Trading Company?). Would love suggestions! Thanks

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  1. Branzino has a pretty elegant atmosphere to me, but is also BYOB. Tria isn't open for lunch on Mondays and sounds much too casual (food and atmosphere) based on your other suggestions anyway. Of the places you listed I would go with Lacroix, I don't find it stuffy, the service is high end but I think it's very comfortable and the food is very good.

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      The Rittenhouse Tria is open for lunch 7 days a week. I love it there, but it is pretty casual.

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        Did not know this. What is the lunch crowd like? Are most people drinking?

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          Lunch crowd is pretty business like. Many people having a glass of wine, but food is very good and suitable for a light bite

    2. La Croix would be my pick...Food is consistently good, the staff is excellent and it's a relaxed pleasant atmosphere overlooking Rittenhouse...less stuffy than 4 Seasons in my view...

      What about Le Bec? Haven't been there in its new incarnation but they serve lunch and certainly priced no worse than 4 Seasons...

      1. If you are considering Garces, you could go to JG Domestic just over the bridge in the Cira center. Its close, easy to park in the Cira center.

        The food at the Dandelion Pub is not bad for lunch. Star has some great updated classics there. I especially like the Pork Belly as well as their pate.

        LaCroix for lunch is not stuffy, though the average age of the clientelle is a bit on the older side.

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          Thanks everyones' suggestion. I made a reservation at LaCroix and will definitely try JG Domestic later (didn't know that there was a Garces restaurant in the CIRA buildin).