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Where to get a whole crispy fish served to my table? (bonus if spicy!)

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I had once had a whole crispy flounder served in a Spicy Tamarind Chili sauce. Where can I get something like this is Manhattan? Italian or Asian style is all good!

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  1. Lan Sheng has Crispy Fish Filets with sichuan chili-minced pork on the menu, I've not had it, but it is one of my favorite sichuan spots in Manhattan.

    1. How about Greek? Ethos has a marvelous fresh grilled fish but I don't remember a spicy option.

      1. It would be hard to list all the Thai and Vietnamese restaurants that serve whole (head on ) crispy and spicey fish. What neighborhood, and what price-point do you have in mind?

        1. Zabb Elee has a very good crispy fish with a similar spicy and sour sauce.

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            I second ZE, Tom and Toon does filet of fish in tamarind chili sauce, if you request they can do a whole crispy snapper the same way and excellently. Pig and Khao does a whole crispy fish but not with the Tamarind Chili, they do a hot and sour cilantro basil broth, and it is delicious.

          2. Veatery (Former Saigon Grill) on 88th and 2nd has very good version.

            1. Hop Kee on Mott St serves crispy whole fish. And it's pretty good.

              1. I really enjoy the spicy & pepper fish with bean curd at Great Sichuan - the one in Murray Hill on 3rd and 26th. There's a chowhound thread on this restaurant here: http://chowhound.chow.com/topics/723163