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Nov 30, 2012 12:40 PM

Where to get a whole crispy fish served to my table? (bonus if spicy!)

I had once had a whole crispy flounder served in a Spicy Tamarind Chili sauce. Where can I get something like this is Manhattan? Italian or Asian style is all good!

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  1. Lan Sheng has Crispy Fish Filets with sichuan chili-minced pork on the menu, I've not had it, but it is one of my favorite sichuan spots in Manhattan.

    1. How about Greek? Ethos has a marvelous fresh grilled fish but I don't remember a spicy option.

      1. It would be hard to list all the Thai and Vietnamese restaurants that serve whole (head on ) crispy and spicey fish. What neighborhood, and what price-point do you have in mind?

        1. Zabb Elee has a very good crispy fish with a similar spicy and sour sauce.

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            I second ZE, Tom and Toon does filet of fish in tamarind chili sauce, if you request they can do a whole crispy snapper the same way and excellently. Pig and Khao does a whole crispy fish but not with the Tamarind Chili, they do a hot and sour cilantro basil broth, and it is delicious.

          2. Veatery (Former Saigon Grill) on 88th and 2nd has very good version.