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Nov 30, 2012 12:34 PM

Need restaurant between City Hall & Two West St

We are getting married at City Hall December 14 in the morning. Would like a nice restaurant in the area as we have to leave to catch a plane to Paris at 3:30. Would like something simple like grilled fish or lamb. Italian could work. We don't want anything spicy or too filling before our flight. Price not an issue.

Thanks for any help.

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  1. Before noon can be a problem. I haven't been to all these places, but here's a few suggestions (opening time in parentheses): Locanda Verde (8 AM) is a big Chowhounder favorite, Paris Cafe (opens 11 AM on Fri), Blau Gans (11 AM) another Chowhound favorite), BLT Grill (6:30 AM), Wall and Water at the Andaz (6:30 AM), and opening at 11:30 are Tribeca Grill, Bouley, The Harrison and Gigino Wagner Park.

    1. First, congratulations! Second: What time would you expect to be ready to leave City Hall? Also, where does your plane depart from?

      1. Are you leaving Manhattan at 3:30pm, or is your flight at 3:30pm?

        You want a light / early lunch?

        What's at 2 West St?

        1. You don't have much time. Not sure what airport you're going to. Inatesso is near the Ritz, opens at 11:30, 28 West Street. The restaurants mentioned in Tribeca i.e. Locanda Verde etc, are not between City Hall and 2 West.. Gigino at Wagner park is near 2 West St. decent Italian , beautiful view outside. City Hall restaurant is near City Hall, it's a nice looking place but the food is inconsistent.
          If you're going to JFK, better off getting Italian food at Don Peppe's its 5 minutes from the airport on Lefferts Blvd in Queens. they open at noon for lunch. or Astoria to Telly's Taverna or Cyclodes for grilled fish.
          Figure there will be traffic to the airport and you have to get there 2 hours before your flight .
          Congratulations on your wedding, have fun in Paris..

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          1. re: foodwhisperer

            Thanks for suggestions so far. I was off line last night & just saw the replies. Here is more info. We are staying at the Ritz Battery Park & will just have coffee, a bloody mary & toast before leaving. Hopefully we will be at City Hall close to opening. Our plane leaves from Newark around 8:30pm, so I'm thinking we need to leave for the airport around 3:30 or 4. We have access to the BA lounge there, so I think it's better to get there early than be stressed about getting there. Qui? So, pinpointing a time for lunch is a little difficult since you can't make an appt at City Hall. Any thoughts? Also, thanks for the congrats. We feel very lucky these days .

            1. re: topeater

              Since you must get the marriage certificate 24 hours in advance before tying the knot, maybe ask one of the clerks or other people waiting in line how long they've been waiting for their ceremonies.

              I don't recall seeing hordes of people there early in the morning, and we went in June. I think you will have plenty of time for lunch.

              1. re: kathryn

                I agree with Kathryn. Moreover, I think you could leave for the airport around 5 if need be and still get there by 6:30.