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Nov 30, 2012 12:21 PM

Biggest, best HMart in NJ?

Tomorrow I am going to Wallington NJ. I will be fairly close to a few HMarts and I am trying to decide which one to go to. I am looking for one with a decent food court.

Can anyone tell me which is better/bigger: Little Ferry, Ridgefield, Fort Lee, or Englewood (the furthest from where I will be.


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  1. Can't comment on Ridgefield, as I have only been there a long time ago and traffic getting to the store is problematic..thus, I don't go there,

    I like to shop at Little Ferry and Englewood, as both are closet to my home. I'd say Little Ferry is bigger for selection. I prefer the Meats at Little Ferry....The Fish are comparable. Little Ferry will have more loose vegetables to pick from. The other stores tend to bag them in advance.

    I have never eaten at the Little Ferry Counter.....I find it to be hard on the eyes. The Englewood Counter is pleasant and inexpensive for Korean food and I would also give the nod to the Sushi Counter there as well/

    Fort Lee is a very nice store....very modern and clean. I may be mistaken, but there's only a small cafe there. They will usually have two green vegetables for .60-.90 cts/lb. pre-bagged @ 3#s each. The choices change from Bok Choy, Yu Choy, Shanghai Cabbage, Mustard Greens and Gailan.. I cannot recall Englewood or Little Ferry ever doing the same.

    Fort Lee, Englewood and Little Ferry all have similar bakeries.

    1. I've heard the one in Edison has a good food court but haven't been there myself.

      1. there's no real "food court" at the Fort Lee store, but they do have a large selection of packaged prepared foods and a self-serve bar set up with many of the same items, as well as a sushi counter. if you're looking for more of a true food court with several options, you should consider Mitsuwa in Edgewater.

        but for regular shopping, the Fort Lee store is the cleanest & nicest one i've been in, probably because it's the newest.

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          A bit late on the reply, but the Ridgefield one is the biggest with a decent food court. It is actually located in a Korean strip mall.

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            That's where I ended up going. Had lots of interesting samples. Bought a bunch of stuff and then got some dinner to go from the food court.